Love Fights <Avengers>

When Kimberly A.K.A. ShadowCat joins the Avengers team, she and her love interest start to fall in love. But, what happens after they head into there enemies workshop? Will they be able to escape? Find out when you read my story!


4. To The Rescue To The End

We headed back to the Avengers building and used the elevator to get to Nick Fury's office. Once we got to Nick Fury's office we couldn't pry the doors open so I asked Lilly to use her powers but to no use and she fell onto the floor. I helped her up and asked "Lilly, What Happen?" She said that when she used her power she quickly got pushed as if a forcefield is blocking her from her power. So instead we all used our powers at the same time and the door opens to find Nick Fury being held at gunpoint by an unknown guard. Natasha quickly speed walked over to the guard and kicked his gun out of his hand and she picked it up grabbing her gun out of her holster and shot him dead. I went over to Nick Fury while he say back down at his desk and asked "Who was that guy and do you know him?" Nick replied "NO, IDK who he is and he was some thief impersonating one of my guards demanding money" We all were thankful that Nick was alright that I had to give him a hug, Nick was like a father figure to us all and we'll never let him get hurt no matter what the case is! Well, it was getting late so we head back to our rooms to bed. While I was walking into my room Clint grabbed my hand and told me to follow him. Before I did, I gave a huge hug to Natasha and Steve and then Clint led me into his room. We kissed each other good-night and went to sleep. And the Avengers live on til' this day!

The End!


Hope you loved my story! Here's to the perfect ending!

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