Love Fights <Avengers>

When Kimberly A.K.A. ShadowCat joins the Avengers team, she and her love interest start to fall in love. But, what happens after they head into there enemies workshop? Will they be able to escape? Find out when you read my story!


1. The Meeting

Hiya..... My name's Kimberly Harp A.K.A. ShadowCat, I'm 24 years old and I'm now part of the Avengers team!


On a bright sunny morning I wake up and make my breakfast, It's Monday so I gotta get ready since I got my first job interview for the Avengers team. I finished my breakfast and headed straight out the door into my Infinity SUV car and drove to the Avengers building. I parked and went inside and they had a telecom where I had to speak into it and asked for Director Fury. I went into the elevator and walked down the Director Fury's office and greeted me with a handshake. He asked me tons of questions but I managed to answer then quite calmly then he showed me around the building and we headed into a room which looked like a conference room and I saw many of the Avengers waiting patiently in line. Directory Nicholas Fury introduced me to all of them, he even asked me to examine each and every one of them so I did. 1st I went to Dr.Bruce Banner who's The Hulk and asked him few questions. "Hello Bruce, You are The Hulk, You seem to love to smash things and eventhough your a giant green guy you seem to manage enough to make buddies" He just giggled and I went over to Natasha Romanoff who's Black Widow. "Hiya Nat, You are Black Widow, Your great with weapons and great at martial arts though your weapons need more power and I've got just the weapon you need later" She gave me a friendly smile and spoke "We'll seem to be great friends" and I just nodded my head Yes. Next I went to Steve Rogers who's Captain America. "Hey Cap. It seems like you and my new bestie Nat are in a relationship" He spoke and said "Really? How you'd know?" I said "Your holding hands" He just blushed and kissed Nat's cheek while I said "You 2 are so cute 2Gether" when Clint Barton Hawkeye interrupted and said "Babe, You skipped me, Your nice......" I turned to him blushing that the fact he called me babe made me wanna smile more but I tried to hide it instead I said "My Bad! Hi Hawkeye" and he said "Thanks Babe" I turned heading over to Tony Stark Iron Man so I don't show I blushed. "Tony, You Iron Man are a man of steel" He says "I'm also a playboy" while grabbing my hands to massage my fingers. "Tony, you happen to be massaging my girl's fingers, What do you have to say for that, Buddy?" Said Hawkeye. Tony stopped massaging my fingers and stood still like a statue in silence when Hawkeye spoke up and said "That's what I thought, He always like that babe don't worry him" I nodded my head OK and still blushing turned over to Director Fury and he said "Now that you've examined each and every one of your new Avengers team I need you Nat to show Kimmy her room while the rest of you can go back to yours" Surprised that Nick already mentioned my nickname, Nat linked arms with me and showed me to my room which too was also her room. I sat down my belongings onto the sofa next to me and sat down feelin' tired. Nat said "Kimberly, you seem to blush every time Barton calls you babe and his girl, are you crushing on him?" I said still blushing "Yes, I do have a massive crush on him, I believe he's noticing" Natasha scoots over next to me and hugs me saying "You should definetly share your feeling with him that way it's outta your mind cus' Nick Fury seemed a lil frustrated when that happened knowingly he treats each and everyone of us like his family" "I'll do that and yeah I've seen that too, even when I met him he shook my hand as if I was his daughter being picked up from school" "YUP! Anyway, we should get some sleep now, It's already 12:30 mid-night after that meeting we had so it's time for some sleep. Good-Nighty Kimmy, Love You, sweet dream" said a yawning Natasha. "Good-Nighty Nat, Love Ya 2 and same to you"


Hope you liked Chapter 1, Next up is Chapter 2 coming your way next! XO's,


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