The Outstanding Man

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  • Published: 23 Jun 2014
  • Updated: 23 Jun 2014
  • Status: Complete
Alexxa meets a man and uses her devious plans to change his and her life


1. 'Outdstanding'

Alexxa was walking down the street on a cloudy Tuesday afternoon, planning to do some simple grocery shopping, unknowing of what was soon to come. She tucked her blonde hair behind her ear and patted her pocket to confirm that her money remained there. She was out of Milk and cheese, but needed to restock on other essentials she would soon be out of. Her walk was rudely interrupted by a man who jumped out of an alleyway. He was yelling things at Alexxa; she couldn’t make out most of it, only implied words about her mother being a llama. Then he surprised Alexxa and grabbed her breast, before galloping away to the East. Alexxa would not let him get away though! Oh no, one doesn’t just lightly squeeze her boob and get away with it! She threw the only thing she was carrying at him, which happened to be a half-eaten hotdog she had gotten at a hot dog stand a while ago. This made him fall to the ground and knock his head. Alexxa could already tell that he now had a head injury. She approached him, hoping maybe she could find some identification in his pockets (or perhaps some cash). Suddenly he sits up, and looks around as if not knowing where he was. "Wha-where am I? What's going on? Who are you?? I don't remember anything!" he almost yells to Alexxa. He was scared, and confused. Due to the shame he had put on Alexxa, the uncalled for mumbles and boob touches, she decides to make his life a living hell, and developed a plan. Alexxa told him that he is a simple bum, living on the street; sucking dick for a living, She explains that he works at the local whore house, and he is the cash cow of the place, She refreshes his memory on what his name is. “You are Cookie Deep Throat. How could you forget that?” "Noooo! It can’t be true!" He yells as he dramatically flails his arms in the air. Alexxa points him in the direction of previously mentioned whore house with the parting words "Goodbye Mr. Deep throat." Hiding the sly smile she now had on her face, she decides to abandon her grocery plans, and just to add to Cookie’s humility, she goes to the local sex shop and picks out the best outfit that she could find, and give it to him as a gift. She buys a large penis outfit and wraps it nicely with wrapping paper, ribbons and bows, almost as if Saint Nicholas himself had prepared this gift. She visits Cookie Deep Throat at the whorehouse to find him blowing two men at once, he seemed to fit in well at this place. Alexxa politely waited for him to finish and then presented the gift to him. "I knew that you were feeling bad about your sorry excuse for a life, so I got you a little present" she told him with a giant, heartwarming smile. She sees in his eyes that he is happy because that even though he is a simple bum, somebody has enough compassion to give him a present. When he rips open the paper takes the costume out of the box his smile disappears and the hope leaves his eyes completely as your smile brightens. Cookie begins sobbing loudly and falls on the floor. “Why? Why would you do this to me?" he whispers to Alexxa. "Don’t you remember?" Alexxa says, putting a hand on his shoulder. She explain to him that it was the same penis that he had worn late one Halloween night, the night when he had sucked his first dick at the age of twelve. Alexxa continued to explain how it was his tradition to wear the costume every single time he went in public; so that the world could see the real him. Alexxa watches the man closely to see his reaction. "I see the light now." The man says, surprising her. "It is my destiny to suck dicks, and you have shown me that! Thank you, thank you so much! Here," he hands Alexxa ten dollars in ones, after bowing deeply. "This is the money I made since I got here, take it! My destiny may not be something I like, but don't worry!" He yells at her, while putting the dick costume on, "I will become the best blow job artist this world has ever seen!" In only a few months, cookie had become a hit! He was the absolute best in dick sucking, and even specialized in giving ass hickeys. His hickeys were world renowned, due to the fact of their shape, shaping them as public figures as George Clooney and Hilary Clinton. His dick sucking is what made him the best though. His sucking was unique and never before seen. Saying this, one would say that he blew his way to the top. Cookie ended up on talk shows, run of the mill porn sites, music videos, and even on one of Pewdiepie’s famous let’s plays, he’s always recognized because of his trademark Penis outfit. He became so famous even his worst blowjob videos were translated into 36 languages. Eventually he ended up on Ellen, and when he did, Ellen asked him why he didn't retire, he was now rich, and famous, so why did he keep sucking all those dicks? Cookie Deep throat looked to the camera as he spoke. "There was somebody who inspired me months ago. I had awoken, not knowing who I was, but they put me on this path. They didn't have a dick, but they erected me in such a way that made me realize what I was meant to do in life. No matter how much of a pain and embarrassment it was, I was just absolutely great at sucking dicks, and the god in heaven gave me that power for a reason, so I never plan on stopping this." Alexxa had seen this on her television, drinking a large glass full of milk. She was touched that somebody had thought of her as an inspiration to their live, even though she had originally had malevolent intentions, she had improved this man’s life far above just grabbing random chicks boobs. Three years later, he passed away from unknown illnesses. They invited Alexxa to say some words at his funeral, which was being aired to national television and in 39 different languages. Looking up from his casket, Alexxa looked to the sky, tears falling from her eyes. "This man....he was not only my good friend, but one of the most outstanding men that I will ever have the chance of meeting. I was hoping his life would have so much more cumming; but unfortunately, he ended up having a hard, hard life. As a child, he was beaten. As a teenager, he developed a big head. But as an adult, he inserted himself into the world. The competition to the top was stiff, but he finally pulled through. By now, normal people would have already shot their load. But Cookie was different. He was a true hero. He took a long, hard look at the typical dick sucking and aroused the hearts of the American people. He was a self-made man whom erected himself to the top. This man had his head in the game. He will be missed, by me, by the whole world!" You finish, walking away into the unknown land beyond the graveyard. What would become of the world now? It was now a world without Cookie Deep Throat, son, loving friend, and most importantly, cock sucker.
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