Dem Fallna

Dem Fallna take place in the future when you can't control your own life anymore even less your future.
In this story you're going to follow a girl named Aurora, who's seventeen and lives with her older sister Fea.

Aurora has never felt the feeling of love or freedom, she believes blindly that's something that you shouldn't feel. But they are some people that disagree.

(The titel of this story is in swedish and means "the fallen ones" in english)


1. White is pure

Year 2050.

My eighteen birthday is in three days, until then I'm going through some tests and find out whom I'm going to live the rest of my life with.

The results then comes in the mailbox, with a picture of the guy and all his information. You also got a paper that contains the date when you are going to loose your virginity and have kids.

So basically your hole future is already set and done when the tests are.

My parents died when I was a little baby, since then I've lived with my older sister Fea, I've seen her journey through this and soon it's my turn. To be honest I'm really excited, this is the proper way to know how your life is going to be. But not everyone gets to do this tests, if you have any sickness on your test day or you have a disease over all. Then you're not allowed to do it, which means that you are going to live you're life alone with no mate. And then you've been marked as one of dem fallna. They deletes you in the database, so it means that you're practically dead.

The girls wears white that stands for pure and the guys wears black that stands for bravery. If you're one of dem fallna you'll get a red mark on your clothing.

But they are still those who doesn't believe the system, and doesn't want to do the tests. Usually they get put down to sleep and they do some blood tests on them instead, and I they still refuse when they wake up they'll also going to be one of dem fallna. And let's be honest no one wants to be one of them and leave everything behind when the rest of the world treat you as a corpse.

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