The Only Exception

Frankie Archer is a beautiful blonde with a smile to kill and a band to make all the other girls go wild. Frankie doesn’t mind having those groupie girls around as she enjoys every minute of dating a new girl every month. She is rebellious like no other but Olivia Hale is quite the opposite. She is a shy girl who likes to keep to herself but knows Savages (the band) rather well. Her secret best friend is that rebellious drummer, Frankie. But when Frankie gets signed and has to go on her way to tour, with these two best friends get split apart because this shy girl never speaks up about her true feelings? Or will it all come crashing down because Frankie really will never know what love really is?


1. My Secret Best Friend

I was trying to pay attention to what Mr. Sanchez had to say about molecules. I had to practically scribble my words down because he talked way too fast for my enjoyment. Taking notes in his class was probably the most impossible thing, but everyone still tried, including me. If you didn’t take notes, or at least attempt to, you would fail. I heard a slight tapping noise on a door but I refused to let it get under my skin as I practically destroyed my paper with these so called ‘words’.


Mr. Sanchez stop talking though so I looked up, feeling as if someone had gotten under his skin as well, which was not hard to do at all. “Miss Archer, what a pleasant surprise to see you coming late to my class.”


I saw Frankie Archer right before my eyes. She always caused havoc in our dystopia of a school. It occurred to me she was the little devil who was irritating my ears with her soft tapping on the door. Of course she was late, Frankie was always late. I didn’t let it get to me though as I looked down and tried to fix up my vicious handwriting.


“Oh the pleasure is all mine, Alexander.” Frankie said. I could imagine the smirk she was probably displaying right about now.  


“Take a seat Frankie, please.” His voice sounded pleading. Only Frankie could make some insane teacher a little less insane. If it were to be anyone else walking through that door late, he would of been more stern and sent them to in school suspension, but of course never Frankie. I believe she brought the best in all the teachers here.


I looked up as Frankie took her seat right next to me, in the very front of class. She normally didn’t sit in the front but her usual back seat was taken. Mr. Sanchez began to ramble on again from where he left off and I began to write horribly fast again. At this moment I wish I could be Flash, that superhero who ran fast. I am sure he could write amazingly.


I felt something hit me, I looked around and then down at my desk. There was a folded up note with the word ‘Olive’ written on the front. I opened the the horribly folded paper. It looked to be crinkled as if someone went to throw their, one of many, terrible notes away. I looked inside and there was a note, neatly written from Frankie.



I am so so sorry I wasn’t able to come over last night to hang out. You know me love, always busy and all that jazz. It’s hard being in a popular band and having an amazingly awesome best friend such as yourself. I really hope you understand. xoxo



I shook my head. I wasn’t going to forgive her just yet for running out on me like that. It is hard to just hang out with Frankie. We were just secretly best friends. To everyone in school and out of school we were not associated with each other whatsoever, but to us we were the best of friends. I know it is complicated to muster up that sense because who is secretly best friends with people but Frankie insists that we keep our friendship on the down low. Frankie’s a lesbian and every time there is a girl around her, she is known as her girlfriend because Frankie didn’t just befriend girl’s to just be friends. Frankie had the sole intention of dating that girl if she hung out with her. Some how our friendship didn’t turn out like that. I remember just how it happened to.


- - -


Even if I didn’t have friends, like at all, I did enjoy the fair. Yes, I went to the fair by myself but who could blame me, the fair was beautiful. I watched as the little kids rode on the carousel and rammed into each other on bumper cars. It was so alive and beautiful. This is where boyfriend’s and girlfriend’s got their partner’s stuffed animals and little blow up hammers, maybe even gold fish. It was a cute time. Even though I didn’t have a partner, I still loved coming.


I looked around, seeing what I should do first and that’s when I spotted the balloon water race thing. You know where you squirt the clown in the mouth and fill up the balloon till it pops. I had fun with those as a kid and it was always my favourite, I was indeed the best at it. I moved at a very fast pace trying to get to it. I sat down at the red seat but someone else sat beside me, that means we had to race.


She was blonde and her hair was in a Mohawk, she looked like a total punk. She gave me the devil’s smile as I looked at her too. It was a very impressive smile, quite beautiful actually but it was too cocky for my taste. There was no way I was going to lose to this cocky little chick.


I handed my money to the guy running the stand and he smiled and took it. He also took the punk’s money and told us that when the buzzer went, our guns would shoot water. I prepared myself, aiming the gun exactly where I wanted it. The girl just looked at me like I was someone she would bully so I would do her homework.


I shook my head. “You are going to lose.”


“Nice try loser.” She said, and the buzzer went off.


The water went exactly where I had assumed it would, in the clowns mouth. But the fiddled with her gun in the beginning, causing her balloon to fall behind and in a matter of seconds my balloon had popped, while hers did a little after mine. I had won the prize and I told the man I wanted to pastel unicorn.


“Hey man, I wanted that!” The girl had pouted. It was cute, but would never work.


“But I won it.” I insisted.


She smiled, as if I hadn't won quite yet. “One more time, if I win I get that unicorn and you can have something else up there.”


She didn’t look the type to even want the unicorn, she just seemed like she wanted the challenge and satisfaction of kicking my butt. I nodded my head, accepting her little challenge. We gave the man more money and he smiled, glad to sucker us out of all that was in our pockets.


I pointed my gun right where I knew it would go, every time. She would lose once again because I have been perfecting this since I was just a child. Sammy and I would always play and eventually I was the one destroying everyone who ever came over to this game to go against me.  And like always I filled up and popped my balloon first, winning myself a second prize.


“You got skills. Do you play against little kids and scheme them out of their wanted animals? Jerk.” She continued to pout.


“Are you insisting I scammed you? Or are you saying that you're secretly like, ten?” I asked.


She only laughed. It was a sweet sound. “Yes and yes.” She said.


“Your mom let’s you dress like that?” I laughed. She looked about seventeen wearing a crop top that said FUCK on it and ripped black skinny jeans with patches on them.


“Oh yeah and I am in a band.” She wiggled her eyebrows, as if that’s how she got everyone to want her.


I raised mine, not believing her.  “Not buying it.”


“My name is Frankie.” She put out her hand. “My band is playing tonight as entertainment.


I shook my head slowly. “Hm, I’ll believe it when I see it.” I laughed, shaking her hand. “I am Olivia.”


“Well my little Olive, I will give you a backstage pass to the wonders of Savages.” She smiled wildly.


- - -


I felt another piece of paper come in direct contact with my head, pulling me out of memory lane. I knew it had to be from her though because I really didn’t talk to anyone else. No one else would pass me notes and no one else talked to me in person. I opened up the crinkled paper once again.


‘I’ll meet you at your place tonight this time, I swear to you Olive.’


“Miss Hale, care to share what's so interesting to you at this moment.” Mr. Sanchez asked me. I began to feel nervous, I never got called out like this in class.


“I am sure she is just trying to decipher the notes she had to viciously copy down, Alexander. You tend to babble to fast.” Frankie defended. I began to feel a big more easy as a few people behind us began to chuckle at Frankie’s comment.


The bell rang before the teacher could even open his mouth to respond to such comment as that. Like I said, only Frankie.


* * * *


“You know you really need to stop coming in to class so late.” I lectured to Frankie while I was trying to do my homework.


“Can you not handle my rebelliousness my dear Olive?” She asked.


I turned from my homework and gave her ‘the look’. She was glancing at me while playing with her short spiked blonde hair. I shook my head and continued on with my worksheet. She really was rebellious, which I didn’t mind. I just wanted her to be able to graduate with me some day.


“I just care is all.”


“You know, I never found a need to do well in school. My band is doing so well we might get super big and I just won’t need an education.” She said a-matter-of-factly.


“And you’re going to leave you amazing best friend behind, all alone.” I stated.


She chuckled at that. “No way man, you can clean up our tour bus. Be a maid or something. Maid dresses are hot. You know the guys will love it too.”


There was something about Frankie and putting people in maid’s outfits. I honestly didn't get her whole fetish with them. It was highly unnecessary, but I laughed anyway. As if she could get me in a maid’s uniform and make me clean up those filthy boy’s messes. They really didn’t have decent cleaning skills.


“I refuse to clean for you and your Mutts.” I informed her. I couldn’t help but turn around. I knew she would be playing her puppy dog face, and I was correct.


“But Olive you know that no one else can fill my needs quite like you. Oh and I forgot to tell you,” She turned over to lay down on her stomach and props herself up on her elbows. “The guys really miss you. Paul misses you more though.” She winked stupidly at me.


Paul, their bassist, had this weird creepy crush on me ever since I met him. I really tried to avoid him the best I could but it never really worked out well. So now I guess he has this awkward love for me and can’t really tell me but shows me in the grossest ways. Like his weird staring and his many horrid love songs he writes but the band refuses to play.


“You know he isn’t all that bad.” She defended.


“How do you know, did you date him once?” I asked, jokingly.


“Actually no I haven’t.” She chuckled, continuing to play with her short hair. “You know guys get when they see you. You’re gorgeous.”


I smiled brightly, feeling flattered. “Thank you very much.”


I continued the rest of my homework. Frankie gave me the silence I needed. Until she started to groan a lot and sigh heavily till I looked at her. “You know.” She said once she got my full attention. “We should get you out of this house.”


“No.” I said bluntly.


“What? Why not Olive.” She sat up.


“Because you didn’t come over yesterday.”


“You have to be kidding me! Your parents would love it if you got out of the house!” She smiled brightly at me.




“Fine.” She huffed. “But someday I will take you out.” She winked.


“Don’t you have band practice somewhere?” I reminded her.

She got up so fast from my bed I could of swore she had my desired superpower. “Shit! Thanks Olive. I will see you tomorrow.” She left, but not without kissing my forehead. We had an interesting friendship.

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