Don't You Forget About Me (Pitch Perfect Fan Fic)

Beca and Jesse have been together since that phenomenal kiss they shared at the end of their freshman year at Barden University. When they were headed back to Barden for their sophomore year, they were caught in a wreck. It put Beca in a coma, tearing Jesse to pieces. The doctor said there is a slight chance she will awake but it is not likely, and if she does, the brain damage could cause her to lose her memories. Will Beca wake up? If so, will she remember the Bellas, or school, or most importantly, Jesse?

NOTE: this is on Wattpad as well. It's my book and my name for here is the same as my name for there, thank you!!!


10. What?!

*Beca's P.O.V.*

As I rested my hands on Jesse's chest to stop him from getting any closer, I saw that all too familiar look in his eyes. It was the same look he had from the first time I stopped him from kissing me. He looked hurt and I don't know why. Why does he want this to happen between us? Why is he choosing me of all people? I can't just let people in my life, I can't get hurt like that again, why can't he just see that?

"You don't remember." He said quietly as he slumped into the chair by my bed.

"I don't remember what?" I asked. He didn't answer, he just put his head in his hand and stared at the floor. "Jesse." He looked up at me, "What don't I remember?" He looked at me for a moment then gave me an answer I didn't expect to hear.

"You're my girlfriend, Beca."

I laughed a little, "You're kidding right?" I asked but the look on his face gave me my answer and I immediately became serious. "That can't be true. I promised myself I wouldn't have a boyfriend, that I wouldn't get hurt again."

"I know, I know but you have changed, Beca. You made 9 new girl friends and after a lot of fighting for it you finally gave me a chance."

"Wha-why? I am so confused!" I said then ran my hand through my hair.

"Beca, what's the last thing you remember?" Jesse asked. I looked up at the ceiling in thought.

"Uh, being in the police car after the window incident at regionals."

"Wow, it's worse that I thought." He said under his breath but I still heard it. "Ok, it's 2014 now, Bec. We finished freshman year and we are now sophomores at Barden." Jesse explained.

"What? No. This can't be right, we still had a little over a half a year." I argued and Jesse just shook his head at me. I took a deep breath to calm my nerves. "What put me in that coma?" I asked.

"A car accident. We were headed back to Barden when a semi crashed into us."

"How long was I out?"

"Little over two months."

"Two months?!!" That's a great deal of time. "If it was only two months then why don't I remember the past year?" I asked trying to understand all of this.

"Your brain was damaged. It caused you to have memory loss." He answered. Now I get it.

"Will I ever remember?"

"It's possible." Jesse then it went quiet.

"So how am I supposed to remember?" I asked when I couldn't stand the silenclr any longer.

"Your friends, family, and I have to gradually pull all of those memories back up."

"How do you plan to do that?"

"You'll all of the things you used to do. You'll go back to being a Bella and I will go back to trading witty banter with you then when the time' s right I'll take you out t-"

"Woah!" I cut him off. "The Bellas I can handle but a boyfriend? I don't know. Like I said, I can't risk getting hurt."

Jesse took a long breath before standing up. He then placed his hands on either side of me and looked me in the eyes, our faces just inches away.

"I am NOT going to hurt you, Beca. I spent our entire freshman year fighting for you to let down your walls and let me in. You just kept pushing people away but I never gave up on you. I kept fighting until the end. I wasn't willing to lose you then and I'm sure as h*ll not going to now. Now matter what God throws our way I will never stop fighting for you." He said and I saw his eyes get glassy as he spoke. "I love you, Beca Mitchell and some stupid memory loss is not going to change that. I will always love you." He finished then stared into my eyes. I don't know why but I couldn't pull myself to look away. It was like something was drawing me to him.

"Oh my God, it's true! My baby is awake!" My mom yelled and I finally found the strength to tear my eyes away from Jesse. He moved away from my bed and was replaced by my mom. She grabbed my cheeks in her hand, "This is a miracle." She said then wrapped me into a hug.It actually felt good and I hugged her back. After everything Jesse poured onto me I needed my mom.

I heard a quiet 'Bye Bec' then looked up to see Jesse walking out of the room. When the door closed behind him and I couldn't see him through the window anymore I got a weird feeling. It felt as if a piece of me had left with him. Why do I feel like this? Jesse has always just been a friend....sort of.

*Jesse's P.O.V.*

I had to leave otherwise I would have cried and I can't let her see me cry. She doesn't remember us and the way she thinks that I would hurt her. Oh my God it just killed me.

I was really hoping that wouldn't happen but a part of me knew that it was going to and it hurts to see her so confused and frustrated. I've got to do everything in my power to help her get her memory back. I promised my mother and myself but most importantly  I owe it to Beca. I promised I would always take care of her but I got her into this mess so I it's my job to get her out of it.

When I got back to my dorm I began making a list of normal Beca things to do and I worked on it for the rest of the day. By 12:30 a.m. I was still working on it. I finally decided to call it a night then went to bed.

These next few weeks or so are going to be long. I have to help Beca remember. Starting from when I bring her home from the hospital tomorrow her days are going to be packed full of everything she used to do on day to day bases. I know that sounds bad but it's doctors orders.


I'm sitting in the waiting room waiting for Beca. I'm so anxious that I can't keep my leg from bouncing like crazy. Finally, I see Dr. Stevens and Beca appear by the front counter. I stand up and slowly make my way to them as they talk about something.

"Don't forget to take your medicine everyday, morning and night. And don't strain your brain. I've already called all of your college professors and they agreed to give you time on your assignments." I heard Dr. Stevens say as I stopped beside them. "Any questions?"

"Um, yeah. Just one." Beca said the pointed at me, "Why is he here?"

"He's taking you back to campus."

"What about my stuff?"

"It's already in your dorm. I gathered it from my car before they destroyed it." I answered.

"So, are you going to be with me everyday?" She asked.

"Probably. You have to get back to your everyday routine and I'm part of that routine." I answered. Beca looked at the doctor and he nodded his head at her. She sighed then headed for the exit. "Let's go." She said over her shoulder.

"Good luck, Jesse." Dr. Stevens said. I thanked him then followed Beca.


The car ride was silent. Beca stared out of the window the whole ride. I guess I can't blame her. The parts of me that she remembers, we were never really close.

"We're here." I said when I pulled into the Baker Hall part of the university's parking lot. Beca didn't say anything as she climbed out of the car and followed me to her dorm.

I watched Beca examine her dorm before I gave her the key.

"I don't suppose you have forgotten your hatred of movies?" I asked as I leaned against the door frame. She sat on her bed and looked at me.

"Nope. Still hate them."

"Great. We're watching Rocky after our shift at the radio station."


"It's for our movication." I said and she gave me a blank look. "You'll understand when it's time, for now, you should get ready. Classes start in 20. Then you have Bellas rehearsals, radio station shift, and finally, well, you know." I said with a smile then headed for my own dorm.

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