Don't You Forget About Me (Pitch Perfect Fan Fic)

Beca and Jesse have been together since that phenomenal kiss they shared at the end of their freshman year at Barden University. When they were headed back to Barden for their sophomore year, they were caught in a wreck. It put Beca in a coma, tearing Jesse to pieces. The doctor said there is a slight chance she will awake but it is not likely, and if she does, the brain damage could cause her to lose her memories. Will Beca wake up? If so, will she remember the Bellas, or school, or most importantly, Jesse?

NOTE: this is on Wattpad as well. It's my book and my name for here is the same as my name for there, thank you!!!


31. Reality

*Beca's P.O.V.*

"Wake up, Beca." Jesse started saying it repetitively. The rest of them joined in and they continued until it started to feel like a dream. The world around me began to spin slowly, gradually getting faster and faster until I became nauseous. I closed my eyes and dropped backwards against the bed. The nausea disappeared as I slowly opened my eyes. Chloe and Chad were standing above me talking about something.

"Chloe." I said, my voice sounding raspy a  if I haven't used in a while. Chloe looked down and excitement filled her eyes.

"Beca!" she shrieked, splitting my eardrums. "Chad, get the others and a doctor." she ordered as I slowly pulled myself up. She grabbed my arm for support as I struggled to move. She wrapped me in a tight hug once I was sitting up. Pain shot through me and I pushed her away.

"Sorry. I forgot about your broken ribs." she apologized. I didn't quite comprehend what she had said as my attention was pulled the change in my surroundings.

I was in a dark hospital room, the only light source being a little lamp on the table by the bed. The table and floor was covered with huge bouquets and balloons. 'Get Well Soon' cards and boxes of chocolate were lazily tossed on a tray beside me. I was in an awful looking hospital gown with blood seeping through the bandages beneath it. There was an I.V. stuck in one arm and numerous hospital bracelets traveling up the other. There was breathing tube shoved up my nose and I felt so weak and shaky.

"What the h*ll?" before Chloe could speak, a large group of people I remember as my loved ones, came piling into the room, followed by a doctor.

" Ms. Mitchell, it's so nice to see you awake. How do you feel?"

"Ok, I guess. What's going on?" I asked.

"Beca, you were in a wreck. You've been in a coma for a month." the doctor casually explained.

"This is so weird." I muttered to myself but Chloe, sitting so close to me, heard it.

"What's weird?" she asked.

"Nothing. It's just, I had a dream like this. Almost exactly like this."

"Really?" the doctor asked, seeming genuinely interested. "Can you describe this dream a little bit more? It's quite possible that your friends' conversations wrote the script of your dream."

"Yeah, ok." I took a deep breath. "Umm, well I was in a coma after being in an awful wreck."

"Most likely modeled after the pain you were feeling."

"But when I woke from the coma, I had memory loss." the doctor interjected.

"That's one of the possibilities of waking up from comas. You're brain must have latched onto it when I mentioned it to your friends. Anything else?" I looked around the room in thought.

"Chloe and Chad had sex but she felt bad because he's my ex. Bumper developed a heart. Luke admitted his feelings for me. Benji and Amy, Stacie and Donald, Aubrey and Unicycle became couples. The Bellas won the Riff Off." I named off things that happened in my dream.

"All of that happened and we talked about it when we met up here." Chloe said.

"Ms. Mitchell, it appears that you were in fact dreaming about your friends words, adding pieces of your imagination along the way. This is really something."

"Great. Now that that's figured out, where's Jesse?" I asked when I noticed Jesse wasn't anywhere to be seen. The room fell completely silent. "Guys, why'd you all get quiet? Where's my boyfriend?" I asked again.

"Beca, did you dream about Jesse as well?" Chloe asked, she seemed to be suddenly bummed out.

"Yeah. He was the one who tried to get my memories back, never quitting even though I didn't remember him and I kept pushing him away. He finally succeeded in getting my memories back when I fell in love with him again and we, uh, well you know." I explained. Everyone avoided eye contact with me, even the doctor.

"Why? What happened?" A terrible thought flushed through my mind. "Did something happen to him?" Worry flooded me as they continued to avoid my question.

"Guys! Tell me, did something happen?! Please!" I begged. They all looked at each other before Bumper finally spoke.

"Beca, I'm sorry." he started. 

"Sorry? God, this can't be good."

"Jesse was in the car with you when it flipped. Being the type of guy he is, he sacrificed himself to save you because he loves you. The damage done to him was too much." tears poured from my eyes as I quickly realized where this was headed.

"I'm so sorry but Jesse, he did not make it, Bec."

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