Don't You Forget About Me (Pitch Perfect Fan Fic)

Beca and Jesse have been together since that phenomenal kiss they shared at the end of their freshman year at Barden University. When they were headed back to Barden for their sophomore year, they were caught in a wreck. It put Beca in a coma, tearing Jesse to pieces. The doctor said there is a slight chance she will awake but it is not likely, and if she does, the brain damage could cause her to lose her memories. Will Beca wake up? If so, will she remember the Bellas, or school, or most importantly, Jesse?

NOTE: this is on Wattpad as well. It's my book and my name for here is the same as my name for there, thank you!!!


29. I Love You

*Jesse's P.O.V.*

"Beca is stable and her memories have returned but, I'm afraid she won't last much longer. It seems that the force of the returning memories was too much for her still healing brain. Her brain is failing, slowly killing her in the process. Beca is taking it pretty well, it appears Ms. Mitchell has been prepared for this for quite a while. She's apparently the only one of you that still has a grip on reality on this devastating twist in events."

"Can we see her?" Dr. Mitchell asked before I could.

"I'm afraid not. Beca won't be able to handle the pain of knowing that her loved ones are watching her slowly die. However, hospital policy say that we must grant every patient their dying wish."

"What's her wish?"

"Ms. Mitchell wishes to see Mr. Swanson one last time."

"Why me? What about her parents?"  I asked.

"You'll have to ask her. Do you wish to see her?"

"Of course, but her parents. I-"

"Jesse." Beca's mom cut me off. "You're the only one that could get through those protective barriers of hers. You two are in love, you should be the one to see her."

"Thanks." I said then followed Dr. Stevens down the hall. "Thank you, Dr. Stevens, for everything."

I extended my hand toward him as we stopped at the door. He excepted it and shook it before pulling me into a tight hug. "I'm sorry I couldn't save her."

"It's ok. You did what you could, that's all I could ask for." he held me for a second longer then pulled away.

"Ok. Go before it's too late." he said them walked away.

*Beca's P.O.V.*

Dying. Of course I'm dying. I knew it was going to happen soon but why now? Why after I re-fall for Jesse and get my memories back? F*ck, this is so unfair, more to Jesse than me. I see Dr. Stevens and Jesse approach the door and I prepare myself. I have got to be strong for Jesse, but it's going to be very hard. The door opened and I gave Jesse a weak smile as he stepped into the room.

"Hey." I said. He closed the door then just stood there.

"I failed you, Bec."

"No, no you didn't. You vowed to love me and get my memories and you've succeeded."

"But you're dying." he said, a tear falling down his cheek.

"Come here." I held my arms open for him. He wasted no time diving into them, burying his face in my neck. "Jesse, you didn't fail me. I know you love me and I know you did your best."

"I'm sorry." he said as he quietly cried.  I pulled his head out of my neck and kissed him.

"I need you to listen to me and you can't cry or I will start crying." he nodded and wiped his tears away. He sniffed and I grabbed his hand.

"Jesse, as we know, I'm dying." He flinched when I said 'dying'. "So, when I'm gone, I need you to move on."

"What? No, I can't. You're the only one I love, the only one I'll ever love."

"That's not true. Look Jess, I was lucky enough to have you. You're the best boyfriend a girl could have and I don't want you holding back from other women. You'll just be hurting yourself."


"Just promise me, Jesse. Please." he thought for a moment.

"Ok. I promise, Beca."

I pulled him into another kiss. I put everything I had in that kiss, knowing that this will be our last one. We pulled away and he held me in a tight hug and I held him in a hug just as tight. I have to tell him how I truly feel. I can feel myself slipping away and if I don't say it now, I'll never be able to say it.

"Jesse, look at me." he pulled away and looked me in the eye. As I looked at him, the tears started pouring out and I couldn't stop them.

"Beca, don't cry. Please." he said as the tears started falling from his eyes.

"Ok, Jesse please listen. This is very important and I don't have much time left so I need you to listen and listen closely." he nodded.

"Jesse Swanson," I paused to choke back a sob, "I-I lo..." I trailed off as I slowly lost control of my body.

I couldn't speak, I couldn't move and I couldn't see until eventually everything vanished leaving me in a world of bright lights.

I had died.

*Jesse's P.O.V.*

I couldn't help but cry and when Beca told me to move on, it's impossible. There's no way I will ever love anybody as much as I love Beca. Nobody can ever replace her but I have to honor her wishes. She started crying when she said she needed to tell me something and I lost it. I've never seen her cry like this. She was just about to tell me what was on her mind when she suddenly stopped talking. I had a good idea why she stopped but I so hoped it wasn't true.

Unfortunately, my suspicion was confirmed when her grip on my hand loosened, her breathing slowly came to a stop, and the heartbeat monitor drew a flat line. I lost her. Out of pure desperation I did what any other guy would do if the woman he loved died, I shook her a little, hoping she'd wake up. I realized it wasn't going to happen and I began yelling for the doctors.

"Someone help!!" I turned back to Beca, crying harder than before. "Beca please, don't leave me. I'm not ready to lose you. Doctor!! I need Dr. Stevens!!!" I yelled.

Finally, a nurse came in. She got one look at Beca's lifeless body and ran back out. She returned with a group of doctors, Dr. Stevens being one of them. They ran to Beca's body and tried to remove me but I refused. I held onto her and cried, hard. Dr. Stevens said something to one of the nurses that I didn't catch through my sobs. Next thing I know, Donald has one arm and Benji has the other. They pull me off of Beca and out of the room. I fight them, trying to get back to Beca. I feel a woman grab me and I look to see Stacie. I break through the guys' grip and fall into Stacie's arms. She slowly descends to the ground as I cling to her, crying into her chest (don't take that wrong).

"She's gone, Stace. She's gone." I said between sobs.

She stroked my head and assured me that everything will be fine. I could hear her quiet sobs as everyone around us broke down. We all lost someone we loved. She had impacted our lives greatly. She is the most important part in my life and now, now I have nothing. I feel like dying, at least I'll be with her.

"I think we have a pulse!"

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