Don't You Forget About Me (Pitch Perfect Fan Fic)

Beca and Jesse have been together since that phenomenal kiss they shared at the end of their freshman year at Barden University. When they were headed back to Barden for their sophomore year, they were caught in a wreck. It put Beca in a coma, tearing Jesse to pieces. The doctor said there is a slight chance she will awake but it is not likely, and if she does, the brain damage could cause her to lose her memories. Will Beca wake up? If so, will she remember the Bellas, or school, or most importantly, Jesse?

NOTE: this is on Wattpad as well. It's my book and my name for here is the same as my name for there, thank you!!!


16. Clarification

*Beca's P.O.V.*

I slowly woke up this morning hugging the imaginary life out of my pillow. I checked the time to see I still had a minute before my alarm clock is set to go off. I, deciding to try to enjoy that last minute, drop my head back down onto my pillow and begin falling back to sleep. I was just about to walk through the gates of "Becatopia" (yes I named my, for a lack of a better word, dreamland, deal with it.) when the screeching sound of my alarm clock jerked me awake. My eyes flicked open and I stared at the wall as I heard someone struggle to turn the clock off.

The alarm clock finally shut off and, without another thought about it, I tried to regain access to "Becatopia", 'try' being the key word. Just as I got comfortable my alarm clock went off again! I let out a loud groan as I rolled over slamming my fist on the dismiss button.

"You're awake." an unmistakeable voice said. I sat up and looked at Jesse who had made himself comfortable at my desk.

"And you're in my dorm." 

"Really?" he asked jokingly as he pretended to examine my room. "Hmm, it appears that I am."

"And no waffles this time." I said with a sarcastic smile planted on my face.

"Ran out of waffle mix." I jokingly nodded an understanding nod. 

"So, what are you doing here?" he took a deep breath as he stood and placed himself on my bed, being sure to stay facing me. 

"Well, Amy had to go to class and she didn't want to leave you here alone. She picked up her phone, clicked in a few digits, pressed talk-"

"Jesse, I know how to call someone." I cut him off. He gave me that cute smile, you know, that one that makes butterflies stir in my stomach and my brain second guess itself. "Why did she call you?" I asked, trying my hardest to ignore the power of that smile.

"Why not?" he asked. I couldn't think of a reason why not so he decided to share with me his thoughts as to why.

"Look babe, I am the only one that knows and remembers that wreck. I remember the screeching tires, crunching metal, busting glass, painful screams, and the certainty that we were dead. Now, I'm the only one that knows, from the doctor and google, every possible side effect of returning memories so I know how to take care of you instead of freaking out. Is there anyone better to take care of you? And did I just call you babe?"

"No, I can't and yeah, you did." I answered his questions.

"Force of habit." he retorted then silence filled the room. For the first time since I woke up the silence felt a little awkward.

"What happened?" I asked after a few moments of unbearable silence.

"What?" he asked shocked by my abrupt question.

"I remember my life but everything from being in that police car to the time that I woke up in the hospital is a big blank." I explained. "Can you maybe, fill in some of the blanks?" he looked a little hesitant but he agreed with a little head nod.

"Um, I've never really talked about it aloud before so it's gonna be a little hard but just bare with me." I nodded and looked at him. He looked away and cleared his throat before speaking.

"Um. Well, it, we started when you kissed me at finals last year. We began dating after that and we soon became inseparable. We would go to classes together, watch more movies together, and we would just do everything together. Eventually, the school year ended. I had to get back home but you stayed with your dad for a couple of weeks. When you went back home to stay with your mom I traveled down there to be with you." he looked at me again.

"We continued to be inseparable. When we walked we held hands, when we sat down we sat close, when we were standing you were in my arms, and when we felt like it we would hug or kiss. Your mom tried to split us up for a little while but we'd always find our way back to each other so eventually, she gave up. We spent the rest of our summer days together, enjoying life. You gave me the tour of your hometown, I took you on romantic dates, and we watched lots of movies." he smiled as he said this. "But, then that day came and it ruined everything." his smile immediately dropped and he looked away from me again.

He didn't say anything as he continuously ran his hand through his hair. I stayed quiet, letting him have a minute. I know this has to be hard on him. He loves me and he's telling me everything that happened that caused me to forget him. 

It's been a few minutes now and he still hasn't said anything. I scoot closer to him as I rack my brain trying to figure out a way to comfort him, I'm not good with this kind of stuff. I lay my hand on his cheek and gently pull him to face me. 

"Jess, if it's too hard, you don't have to tell me right now. I'll understand." I say in an almost whisper as I wipe away a small tear that had escaped from the corner of his eye.

"Thanks but I have to tell you. You need to know this and I need to get it off my chest or I'll never be able to move on." he wrapped my hand in his and smiled at me before standing. My eyes followed him as he walked over to my desk and began flipping a pencil around in his hands. He sat in the chair then began to speak.

"You had made a CD with all of our favorite songs on it for the road trip and we were jamming to it. You really got into it and you began dancing around in your seat as you sang along. You were so adorable." he gave a smile that disappeared just as quick as it appeared. "Then Don't You came on and you sang it to me in your perfect voice just like you did at finals. You kissed my cheek and I turned my head for a second to look at you and that's when..." he cut himself off. "You were the first to see it. I tried to swerve away but the semi was too close and it collided with your side of the car. I tried to get you away from the door but once it hit us you were ripped from my grip. As I was being thrown against car I could hear my bones breaking but the only pain I felt was the pain of seeing you hit your head then blacking out knowing that it was my fault. This is all my fault, from the wreck to the coma, and to the memory loss, all of it is on me. If I hadn't taken my eyes off the road you wouldn't be in the position you're in now and the woman I love would remember me. You may not think that I can feel your pain Bec but I can because the moment I heard those paramedics say that you might not live, I knew that my life was over. You're my life and without you, I'm nothing." I could hear the pain in his voice as he spoke and I just wanted to throw my arms around him.

I pushed back the urge to hug him just for it to come flying back when he started to cry into his hands. Again, I'm no good at this stuff but my instincts are telling me to hug him and I didn't fight them. I walked over to Jesse and placed my hand lightly on his shoulder. He looked up at me with those red puffy eyes and I dropped to my knees and held him in my arms. He seemed shocked at first and so was I but it didn't last long before he wrapped his arms around me tightly and rested his head on my neck.

It felt a little awkward on my part but it also felt sort of good. I sat there with him wrapped in my arms and it slowly became less awkward until, finally, I grew comfortable. I felt his grip loosen and his head remove from the crook of my neck as he pulled his eyes up to meet mine.

"I'm sorry." he said quietly. 

"It's ok." I said, my voice at the same volume as his. I let go of him and sat on the edge of my bed. "Look Jesse, there's something you have to understand. I do believe that we had something before my lack of memory became a problem but I also know that I don't feel that way anymore. Whatever I felt for you, whether it was love or not, it's gone along with the rest of my memories of you. I'm sorry but even if I do get my memories, how do you know if I will feel the same way before I lost them?" 

"I don't know, I believe. I believe in you and I believe in God."

"Maybe you shouldn't." my response took him by surprise. "It doesn't seem you're in God's good gracious right now and I'm not the type of person to believe in, I always let people down."

"God's just doing his job, life isn't supposed to be easy. And you, Beca you haven't let me down. Against all odds, you woke up from that coma and you agreed to try anything to get your memories back."

"You shouldn't have said that, it only makes this harder." He looked confused. "I'm letting you down now." I said, dodging his eyes. 

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, I'm giving up."

"But you can't. You have to keep trying if-"

"If what? If I want my memories back?" I raised my voice as the frustration hit me. "Face it, Jesse! They're not going to come back. If they were, they would've done it by now. It's stupid to hold onto that thread of hope." I paused to calm down.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to yell but it's time to move on and create a new life. I've accepted it, why can't you?"

"Because I have faith and no matter what you say or do, I'm not giving up." I let out a sarcastic laugh.

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

"Then call me insane." he is determined to not give up and there's no use fighting it.

"Fine. Good luck piecing my brain back together. But be careful, it's a very dark and messy place to be." just then Stacie came flying through the door.

"Oh, sorry. Am I interrupting something?" she asked.

"No, I was actually just leaving." Jesse answered. I checked the time and saw that I had to get going as well, that's probably why Stacie was here.

"Actually, so am I. Let's go Stace, we've got a Riff Off to practice for." I said and quickly walked out the door. 

*Jesse's P.O.V.*

I watched Beca as she sped out of the room and down the hall.

"What happened?" Stacie asked when Beca was out of earshot.

"She's giving up."

"What about her memories?" 

"She doesn't believe she can get them back. The frustration has gotten to her and she's letting it control her."

That sucks. You're not going to let that stop you though, are you?" she asked as she eyed the look of determination on my face. I looked her in the eye and gave her a stern answer.

"H*ll no."

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