Mortal Instruments (but mostly Malec) short stories

This is a collection of TMI (the mortal instruments) short stories. And yes most of them are about Malec (Magnus and Alec).


8. Game Night

It was game night and everyone was coming over to Magnus's and Alec's apartment, everyone except Maia that was. She had got delayed in Idris and was going to drop by later. There was a knock at the door and Magnus opened it to find his friends standing there. "Hey," they said and walked in.

"Hi," Alec and Magnus said in union. Isabelle looked at them for a minute before turning back to pouring out some coke.

"Right, so, what do you want from Taki's? It's eight and I'm hungry so decided quick," Magnus said.

"We were waiting for you guys to get here to eat," Alec explained.

"I'm in the mood for chow mien, beef," Jace said.

"I'd like some chicken fried rice and curry please," said Clary, 

"Fish and chips," said Izzy.

Magnus looked to Simon, "Do you want something bloody or was that only when you were vamp?"

"Shut up. I want just want some fries."

Magnus just nodded. "We going to get the usual? Pepperoni?"

"Sure, sweetie." Magnus's fingers clicked and suddenly their food was on the small coffee table with two sofas and an armchair surrounding it. Jace and Clary sat down on one of the two-seaters and took their food. As did Izzy and Simon. Alec sat down in the armchair and pulled Magnus down on to his lap, who had their small pepperoni pizza in his hands. Magnus put the box in his lap and took out a slice and biting the tip off it. "So, game night. What are we going to play?" Alec asked.

There was a chorus of "Truth or Dare," and "Just Dance," from the friends.

"First truth or dare and then Just Dance," said Izzy.

"I'll go first," Jace said.

"Okay, truth or dare?" Simon asked.


"Which of the guys do you think is the most attractive?" Izzy asked.

"Probably Alec," Jace said. Alec blushed and Magnus tightened his arms of his waist .

"Mine," Magnus said and kissed Alec deeply.

"Alec, truth or dare?" Jace asked.


"Let Magnus put make-up on you."

"Fine, won't be the first time I'll have glitter on me." Magnus smiled, jumped up and came back in with his arms full of make-up and glitter. He started to work on Alec and Clary and Izzy started to whisper, Clary came over and whispered something in Magnus's ear that made him smile.  He finished up on Alec. He had thick black sparkly eyeliner and sparkly blue eye shadow and sparkly clear lip-gloss on.  Just as he pulled away Clary shouted, "Chairman Meow just got locked in that room and the window's open in there!"

Alec leapt up as did the others. Alec ran and opened the door with the others not far behind him. Simon, Alec and Jace couldn't see the Chairman anywhere and the window was closed. They turned around to see The others had locked the door and were standing in front of it smiling.

Magnus clicked his fingers and three chairs appeared, the girls and Magnus pushed their boyfriends into the chair and blindfolded them. They couldn't see anything but could feel things on their faces. When they left the room they went straight to the mirror in the living room. Not only did Alec have make-up on but so did the others and they all had their hair styled. Jace's make-up was all silver and Simon's was all purple, Alec even had blue glitter in his spikey hair. Alec pulled Magnus down and placed his lips to his warlock's. " Not the first time you've done this to me but I still think it'd look better with some of that purple lipstick on my lips," Alec whispered. Magnus smiled, winked and said, "Later it will be."

"Now for round two," Izzy said and held up some of Magnus's old leather trousers and sparkly tops. "You won't, not when my friends are here," Alec said. Magnus smiled.

"Look down," he whispered. Alec did and saw that he was wearing dark red leather trousers and a dark blue button down shirt that had a little glitter sprinkled over it. He didn't actually look that bad.

"It's not too bad, but Magnus. Leather trousers? Really?" He just smiled. He sat by and watched as the girls forced their boyfriends into his lover's old clothes. When they were down he just laughed at Simon, he did not suit the look at all. Neither did Jace, but he had the look that he could pull anything off. He looked in the mirror and ran a hand though his blond hair and said, "I still look sexy." This was too much for Magnus and Alec laughed his head off.

They spent the rest of the night playing Just Dance on Magnus's Wii, laughing and eating.   When they were doing one dance in the game Alec and Isabel had to do the splits, Izzy couldn't do it but when Alec did he was rewarded with a loud whistle from Magnus which made him blush the colour of a tomato. They all did a dance against each other and over all it ended that, surprisingly, Simon won. The others stayed over that night as when they were all eventually tired it was three o'clock and no one could be bothered to walk home or make a portal. Over all game night was a success.

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