Mortal Instruments (but mostly Malec) short stories

This is a collection of TMI (the mortal instruments) short stories. And yes most of them are about Malec (Magnus and Alec).


6. A Papa Problem

~~Alec’s phone rang in his pocket. He swiped a finger across the screen standing up off the couch. “Hi Mum.” he said. “Hello son.” “Mum, what’s wrong?” he asked. His mother only ever talked like this when something was wrong. “I’m afraid have some bad news about your father.” “What happened? Is he okay?” Even though he had never accepted Alec being gay and being with a warlock he was still his father.
“It concerns the wedding.”  “What?” This had caught him off guard. The wedding was in three days, what could have happened. “Your father isn’t coming to the wedding.” she blurted out. “Alec, honey, I’m so sorry. I went to his house in Idris this morning to talk to him about it and he told me he wasn’t coming and that nothing would change his mind. I tried, I really did sweetie. But he said… h-he said… he said he wouldn’t come because…” “Mum, what did he say?” he asked angry now. “He said he wouldn’t come b-because it was a gay wedding and he didn’t approve. And that he wouldn’t go near the downworlder filth that was your fiancée and his friends.” Alec almost dropped the phone. Sadness and hurt swelled up in him. He couldn’t believe his father had said those things. “Alec, you know I don’t believe any of that. I love you.” “I kn-know Mum. Bye.” he said and hung up.
“What was that about?” Magnus, his downworlder fiancée, asked from the couch. “My father isn’t coming to the wedding.” Alec choked out, tears rolling down his face. “What? He isn’t coming?” Magnus said sounding angry. “Oh, Alexander, honey. I’m so sorry.”
Alec fell into Magnus’s open arms. He buried his face in his lover’s shoulder as Magnus’s strong arms went around him. Tears were rolling fast and wet down his cheeks now. He sobbed and cried as Magnus tried to sooth him.  “How could he do this me?” he sobbed. “He knows how much this means to me?” “How could he miss his own son’s wedding?” Magnus asked. “He called you filth! Why?!” “I swear I’m gonna punch that father of your in the face for making you like this.” Magnus growled. “Magnus! That’s my father.” Alec groaned. “Punch him twice.” he said narrowing his eyes. Magnus laughed. “Whatever you say.”

“So Robert really isn’t coming to the wedding?” Clary asked sipping her steaming coffee. They had all come over to talk about the plans for the night before and the morning of the wedding. “No.” said Magnus. “I can’t believe Dad would do that to you guys.” Izzy said. “I know.” Simon said. “I’m surprised you really didn’t punch him.” Jace said to Magnus. “I almost did.” “I  mean it’s harsh, even for him. What would your mother and father do? The man you call your father. They’d probably be happy you’re happy, right?” “I don’t know. Probably not.”  Magnus said quietly. He slammed his coffee mug down on the table and hurried into the bedroom.
“Jace.” Alec said. “What have you done? Magnus’s mother hung herself in their barn when she found out about him and his father tried to drown him when he was a child then abandoned him.” Alec said and went off after his boyfriend.
He found him lying on their bed crying. “Oh, Magnus.” He lay down beside him and put his arms around him. “I know it’s stupid to cry over them when they never loved me. But…” “It’s not stupid.” Magnus kissed him. “I love you.” “I love you too.” “You always make me feels special.” Magnus said. “We don’t need my dad to come to the wedding. It’s special enough and we’re not doing it for him, we’re doing it for us. And us rocks!” Magnus laughed. “We do rock.” he said.

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