Shopping to Fame!

Irish twins Shauna and Orla age 19 are identical except for their eyes. Shauna's eyes are blue and Orla's are green. They are deeply in love with music especially One Direction. Some day their dream is to meet them. Shauna would love to marry Harry and Orla would love marry Niall.

Will their dream come true?


2. The Boys who saved us.

Orla Pov:

"Thank you" I said. "You're welcome" said the Irish one. "I'm Orla and this is Shauna" I said. "Oh where's our manners" Said a curly haired one. "I'm Harry, this is Niall (pointing to the Irish one), this is Liam (pointing to the one with arrow tattoo up his arm), this is Louis (pointing to the one with the with the quiff) and this is Zayn (pointing to the one with the comic print t-shirt). The two of us stood there with our mouths open. "We are big fans of your music" said Shauna shyly. "Thanks" said Harry, while gazing at her. "Can we bring you out to lunch" asked Liam. "Umm Ok " I said. "We just need to pay for our clothes". "No no let us" said Niall. "He's such a gentleman" I thought.

After we paid we headed to Nandos. We sat down and ordered. Shauna sat between Harry and Liam and I sat between Niall and Louis with Zayn beside Louis. We chatted for awhile. After lunch we walked out Niall asked me to wait behind that he wanted to talk to me in private."Orla" he said. "Do you want to go out with me on Saturday". "Ok" I said shyly. "What do you want to do" I asked. "You pick" he said. "Umm" I thought while tapping my chin. "Let's go to a Theme Park" I smiled. "Ok, what's your number and your address and I'll tell you what time I'll collect you at." asked Niall.


Shauna Pov: 

 Orla stayed back with Niall for a few minutes. "Shauna?" called Harry. "Do..well I was wondering...well do you want  to go out with me on Saturday". "YES" I screamed. "I mean yes" I giggled. "Where do you wnat to go" he asked. "Theme Park... let's go to a Theme Park."  "Ok what's your number so I can text you when I come to collect you" he siad. We sid our goodbyes and headed home. 



Orla Pov: 


Guess what? I said. What? asked Shauna. Niall asked me out on Saturday and we are going to a Theme Park for our first date. I screamed. Guess what? screamed Shauna. Harry asked me out on Saturday too and to a Theme Park too. Shauna said. DOUBLE DATE we screamed.

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