Shopping to Fame!

Irish twins Shauna and Orla age 19 are identical except for their eyes. Shauna's eyes are blue and Orla's are green. They are deeply in love with music especially One Direction. Some day their dream is to meet them. Shauna would love to marry Harry and Orla would love marry Niall.

Will their dream come true?


13. Niall's surprise birthday party in Florida


Shauna pov:

As I packed my little bits. Harry's cousin Ella knocked on the door. Anne answered and let Harry's cousin in. I went down stairs to meet her. I went down to a girl hold a new born baby girl in her arms. Oh Shauna, said Harry. This is my cousin Elle and her daughter. Hello, I replied. She is really pretty how old is she. She's 3weeks old, she said. We chatted for awhile, then the baby started getting upset so Elle said she was going to head home but told us to have a safe flight. When I checked the clock it said 11pm. Where did the time go, I said to myself. I hugged Anne and Gemma goodnight and I'll see them soon. I went to bed and fell asleep a few minutes later I heard Harry get into bed and kiss me goodnight,and say goodnight babe, I love for you to be Mrs Styles.


*next morning*

 I woke remembering what Harry said got my bags climbed into the car and we headed to the airport. We arrived at the airport, we walked in and looked around. Harry got a text form Zayn saying he was at the check in desk with Liam. And that the lost Louis in the bathrooms! Harry went into the bathroom to see if Louis was in there. He came out saying that he wasn't in there. I got Harry's phone and called Louis phone. We heard a ringing coming from the bin! Harry lifted the top off the bin and Louis saw us and jumped out shouting DID YOU MISS ME! I asked him why he was in the bin and he said he was being chased by the cleaning lady because he was robbing the soap! We got him out of the bin and walked up the Zayn and Liam and explained what happened.  We waited 45 minutes Niall and Orla. Finally me and Liam went to see if the plane had landed yet, and luckily it had landed 15 minutes ago. We went to tell the boys that they landed and we all walked over gate, as came to the gate we saw Niall and Orla was slowly walking behind him. As soon as she saw me she ran up to me and gave me a bear hug. We collected their other bags and headed to the other gate. We boarded the plane and took our seats. Our plane journey was long but me and Orla chatted for the whole thing.

We arrived in Florida got off the plane collected our bags and walked out to screaming girls everywhere. Harry and Niall put hoodies over me and Orla and walked past the crowd with Paul. We got a car and drove to our hotel. When we arrived we went to the top floor and opened the door to a penthouse for us to stay in. Niall and Orla where in one room, Harry and I in another and Liam, Louis and Zayn in the triple single bed room. We unpacked and put away our things.

Orla pov:

I went out to the table and turned on my laptop. I connected to the internet and checked my emails. I sent a email to Niall's family and closest friends to come to Florida on Saturday for Niall's surprise party. I said I would pay for the tickets Flordia. I sent the email before Niall walk into the room. He asked me what I was doing and I said I was checking my emails.Niall said hewas going out for pizza and chips. Liam and Zayn said they would go with him. Shauna, Harry,Louis and I stayed behind and helped plan for Niall's party with is in 2 days. By the time the others came back we had a place, theme, decorations and music. Harry and Louis said theywould invite Celebes. Shauna and I said we would get a cake and Zayn and Liam said they would make sure everything goes to plan. All the boys and Shauna said they would decorate while I desecrated him.  We ate our pizza and chips while watching "Grown ups". After the movie we went to bed. As I climbed in next to Niall I said " goodnight love, and happy birthday".


*next morning*

Niall pov:

I woke around 11 am. Orla wasn't beside me but I could smell her cooking.  I go out of bed and walked into the kitchen to no one there, I went to the living room and no one there either and no one in the bedrooms. I went to the balcony to find it decorated and food on the table. " HAPPY BIRTHDAY NIALL" the screamed. They ran up and hugged me. We sat to eat. After our breakfast I was handed presents. Shauna got me a necklace in the shape of Ireland with Horan written in silver and on the back the meaning of my name, Louis got me a tee with "carrot crazy" written on it with 2 carrots with happy faces, Harry got me a snap back with Ireland on it, Liam got me book with pictures of us together since X factor, Zayn got me a hand drawn picture of him and me and Orla got me a key ring of me and her on our first date at the funfair making faces in a heart with u and me together forever and a dinner date. "Thanks guys" I said.


* that night*

Zayn pov:

 Orla was detracting Niall by watching all Niall's fav movies while the rest of us decorate the room we rented and bought all the guest to the room. Orla said She would bring Niall over around 9pm. We blew up balloons, hung up banners and set the DJs play lists. It was 8:55pm. "EVERYONE HIDE" shouted Louis as he has the loudest voice.


Orla pov:

I told Niall it was time to go out to dinner. I dress myself in a green knee high dress and green diamante high heels and my hair curled and  into a ponytail. He dressed in an black suite and a white shirt with a matching green tie and black shoes with the necklace Shauna gave him. We climbed into a taxi and I gave him the address to go to. 

                                                             *skip the car ride*

Niall pov:

As we got out of the taxi and walked into the pub. As we walked towards the building we walked to a room. The lights where out. "Niall turn the lights on please" asked Orla. I turned the lights on and "SURPRISE!" everyone screamed. Orla turned to me and I looked her as if she was going to call out the hidden cameras.  I was shocked.  I gave her a hug to thank her. She told me she wasn't alone. That the boys and Shauna helped. I thanked them too and started the party.

"Happy birthday to you happy birthday Niall happy birthday to you" sang everyone. Orla wheeled a cake decorated as a Mullingar jersey with Nialler written on it and the number 21. As the party went on the later it got. I was 2 am when we all went home. We arrived at the penthouse in a taxi and walked to the room. We walked into the living room. Louis and Zayn didn't make it to their rooms the fell asleep on the couch. Harry and Shauna went to bed, Liam went to bed and so did Orla and I. 


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