Because Of You

Madison Rowe is your average girl. Loves Dr who, flower crowns, and her laptop is one of her best friends.

And niall horan has changed because he felt lonely and never hung out with anyone anymore.

If he moves next door, will she change him?
Cover made by: Lucy Style
(Y for language)


10. Chapter 7- MadLibs!

Madison's POV


Okay so I'm mad at niall, well I could choose to stop liking him but, he's too good of a person

I looked at my niall horan cutout

Maybe I should text him



M- hey Nialler

N-hey madi, thank god your using my nickname ;)

M- :) want to come over

N- sure


The doorbell rang after 20 seconds and I found a happy niall at the front porch

"Hey babe" he smiled sweetly

"Hi niall" I said

"Are you mad at me?" He asked me

"No" I lied

"I know your lying" he smirked

"No niall I'm n-" he cut me off by crashing his lips onto mine and instantly felt fireworks and sparks, is it the 4th of July already?

"I forgive you" I said after the kiss

"I thought so" he said and winked but couldn't stay serious and burst out laughing, oh my random little Nialler

"Ok let's play a game" I said

"What kind" he smirked

"Mad libs" I answered with a childish voice

"WOOO" said niall while swirling around his finger in the air

As we asked each other nouns and other crap and when we finished we read it out loud, it was the funnies thing ever!


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