Because Of You

Madison Rowe is your average girl. Loves Dr who, flower crowns, and her laptop is one of her best friends.

And niall horan has changed because he felt lonely and never hung out with anyone anymore.

If he moves next door, will she change him?
Cover made by: Lucy Style
(Y for language)


8. Chapter 5- Harry's feelings

Harry's POV

 Wow Kiara was SO beautiful she looked like a girl version of Luke but more blonde in her hair she might of dyed it but i don't care all i know is that shes beautiful, "He left to Australia awhile ago, he never came back and we never stayed in touch, Me and my mom we have been so worried,"  I was shocked because Luke talks about how he can't get a hold of someone in his sleep. We always thought it was like his ex girlfriend or something we never assumed it was his family!! "Hes been trying to get a hold of you but we don't know how so!" i whispered in her ear giving her goosebumps. "oh i miss him," she said tearing up and ran into my arms. I held her close "its okay," i whispered and hugged her for being here for me

Chapter written by Nialls smile <3 (edited by niall_loves_you)

sorry for short chapter :-(

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