Because Of You

Madison Rowe is your average girl. Loves Dr who, flower crowns, and her laptop is one of her best friends.

And niall horan has changed because he felt lonely and never hung out with anyone anymore.

If he moves next door, will she change him?
Cover made by: Lucy Style
(Y for language)


7. Chapter 4- Kiara Hemmings???

Niall's POV

So well, Madison was in my house, i didnt know what to do, she was beautiful, like literally beautiful, not like bikini beautiful, like model beautiful.

Just as i was  about to say something two girls around Madison's age came screaming through the door and then they stopped and a girl fainted

"Madi, why is the freaking harry styles and the freaking niall horan at the house next door?" a girl  asked while freaking out.

"Kiara, i know them" i answered calmly.

"is that a joke? you know the two most famous people on earth?" asked kiara

"and who might you be beautiful" asked harry

"umm, im kiara, kiara hemmings" answered kiara

"wait is your last name is hemmings?, like luke hemmings? harry asked

"how do you know my brother's name?" asked kiara

"we are touring with him and his band" explained harry


sorry with such a short chapter

i updated before i was supposed to <3

im such a bad person :c


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