Because Of You

Madison Rowe is your average girl. Loves Dr who, flower crowns, and her laptop is one of her best friends.

And niall horan has changed because he felt lonely and never hung out with anyone anymore.

If he moves next door, will she change him?
Cover made by: Lucy Style
(Y for language)


6. Chapter 3- Hes Not Here

Madison's POV


Another dreadful morning went by of 5 minutes to actually get out of bed and to stand up, athlete of the year for me i thought to myself.

I had a job at Forever 21, the best part is you get a discount of clothes #win hahaha

i walked to the mall and attended my boring job.

*Skip Work*

after work i took a cab back to my house because i was tried from standing all day..

*skip cab* 

once i was outside and payed the taxi driver and said to keep the change, but they keep the change anyways so the man gave me a weird look, oh well im used to it

i was about to walk up the stairs of my porch to notice a black range rover is next door at nialls house

i ran over to nialls house and ran through the door withoit invtation, AGAIN

a very buff man came up to me "what are you doing in here miss?" the buff man asked

"um, im a friend of nialls" i answered truthfully "i live next door" i said while pointing at the house next to me

"ok then, do you know where niall went, and why he left?" the buff man asked

"well he tol-" i was cut off by the freaking harry styles

"i pissed niall off" said harry

"hey i was talking harold" i answered

"oh im sorry, and who might you be little miss beautiful" asked harry

holy crap, the freaking harold edward styles asked what my freaking name was

"my name is madison rowe" i said

"well im sure harry is busy at the moment, so you can run along back to your house" said the buff man

"no let her stay Paul, under my request" said harry

Okay so i now his name is Paul now, useful information 

"ok fine, but only under harry's request" said paul allowing me back inside of the house



i got back to my house, and there was a black range rover waiting my presence i guessing

i walked inside to find harry, paul, and madison

"paul,harry, what are you guys doing here" i asked

"more like wha tare you doing here, did you seriously leave one direction?" ask paul

"of course not, i just got pissed at harry, and i need to get away from the action for a while" i answered truthfully




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