Because Of You

Madison Rowe is your average girl. Loves Dr who, flower crowns, and her laptop is one of her best friends.

And niall horan has changed because he felt lonely and never hung out with anyone anymore.

If he moves next door, will she change him?
Cover made by: Lucy Style
(Y for language)


5. Chapter 2- A Neighbor! Part 2

Madison's POV

I opened my door to my house and ran next door to the new neighbor.

i walked up the porch steps and rung the doorbell

around 30 seconds later a boy opened the door

"hello" the boy said with an irish accent

it took me a little while to realize that 'this boy' is THE niall james horan

"Hi" i replied while sticking out my hand for him to shake it "my name is Madison Rowe" i said while smiling "niall horan" he said and shook it.

"i know who you are dummy" i said while knocking on my head lightly with my fist

"oh right, everyone knows me" he said while scratching the back of his neck

"so what brings you here to London?" i ask while i go into the house without an invatation, jesus im not a very good guest

"well come on in then" he said sarcasticly

my face turned red and a random string of hair went in between both eyes so i blew the strand of hair away back to my head of long hair

"anyways i moved to london because i got mad at harry, he was bossing everyone around and he was the youngest too!" he said barley rasing his voice

i said nothing and just went up and hugged him and he hugged back, so this is what a nialler hug feels like, so warm and soft, like a teddy bear!

"Anyways i should leave now, ill see you soon i hope" i said and walked out of the door without  him saying goodbye,im soo good at making friends i thought to myself sarcasticly 


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