Drunk // Malum

in which he hoped that if he drank enough vodka it would taste like love.


3. t w o

"i just need a few minutes." jade said, collecting her clothes that michael had ripped off and thrown on the ground.

"jade." michael whined. he was about to throw jade up against the wall and make her scream his name at the top of his lungs like he said earlier, but she then told him to stop.

jade ignored michael while putting on her clothes before she went to the kitchen to make herself a cup of coffee. michael was left alone in their bedroom for the second time today.

his eyes started to water and soon he was trying his best not to cry. crying was a sign of weakness which isn’t what michael wanted to show jade. he wanted her to want him to stay even though he knew it was the other way arround.

after half an hour of deciding whether to go to jade or not ,so that they could have the conversation they were trying to avoid for almost two weeks, michael finally got up and walked to the kitchen.

without caring about the fact that he was only wearing pants, he sat down on the couch and waited for jade to join him.

jade’s eyes were red when she walked into the room. there were tear stains on her cheeks and the sleeves of her coat were a bit wet. she was just as broken as michael.

they both sat down in silence, avoiding eyecontact as much as possible while thinking of something to say. "michael we both know this isnt working anymore." jade broke the silence. her voice was cracking & without even looking up michael knew that she was trying not to cry.

"we can try."

"no we cant and you know that. the only thung keeping us together is sex, its the only thing we've been doing for the past two weeks. this isnt even a relationship anymore. we're like fuckbudies."

michael looked up at the girl standing in front of him, yelling at him about how fucked up their relationship was and that it wasnt gonna work anymore. his view soon became blurry because of the tears that his eyes were flling themselves with.

"i just dont think we should continue forcing something that we both know isnt gonna work." jade said, the words leaving her mouth in a softer tone than before.

michael took a deep breath, getting up and nodding. "youre right." jade looked a bit shocked at michael's words. almost like she didnt expect them to come out, like she expected he would fight for her.

they both stood there in silence for a few seconds before jade walked to the bedroom and started pakking her stuff. after about ten minutes she had everything pakked and into her friends car that was waiting in front of the house. jade opened her mouth to speak but closed it again because of michael shaking his head. "dont. please."

she nodded, turning arround into the cold wheater before closing the door behind her and leaving michael standing there with horrible thoughts starting to fill his head.


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