Drunk // Malum

in which he hoped that if he drank enough vodka it would taste like love.


2. o n e

it was 10 in the morning.

most couples would be having morning sex or have breakfast and cliche conversations that involved make out sessions.

sadly, michael and jade weren’t one of those couples. at least, not anymore.

after jade had told michael they needed to talk, she had left the room and avoided eye contact with him.

it made michael feel like he had done something wrong which caused him to start overthinking and making himself light depressed.

they were now both back in their bedroom. michael sitting on the end of the bed and jade pacing arround from one side of the room to the other. none of them wanted to start a conversation, both being scared of how it was going to end.

jade then stopped pacing and stood in front of michael, looking at him like he was the most beautiful person in the world.

it caused a cheeky smirk to make his way to michael’s lips before jade also smirked while rolling her eyes.

for a second they had both forgotten about the conversation they were going to have sooner or later. they would either end up having sex or one of them would pack their stuff and they would have to say their goodbyes.

jade then let out a deep sigh before walking towards michael and sitting down next to him. "we need to talk."

"i know." michael said, feeling the little bit of happiness he had left suddenly being gone. he took a piece of jade’s hair, tucking it off to the side before he spoke again. "you know what i really would want to do right now?"

jade looked up to michael, looking into his green eyes that she used to be so yealous of. "what?"

the smirk of earlier appeard on michael’s face again before he leaned in and kissed jade on her lips. "i would want to rip your clothes off" he mumbeld while he kissed her neck. "and make you scream my name at the top of your lungs."

michael knew what he was doing and jade knew she was probably going to regret it, but still neither of them stopped with what they were doing. 

"lay down.'' michael said, pulling away from jade's neck so she could lay down on the bed. 

jade then laid down as michael spreak her legs, giving him the opportunity to lay on top of her and continuing to kiss her neck. 

jade lets out a moan while she running her hand down michael's chest until she reaches the hem of his shirt, lifting it up and over his head as they flip themselves over so michael is now on the bottom. she then smiles down at him and reaches down to kiss his chest while rubbing her hand on the bulge in his pants. "you like that?"

'y-yeah" michael managed to get out inbetween moans before he flipped them over again, him being on top of jade again. ''i want you so bad right now.''


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