Living With Killers (creepypasta)

Hi, I'm Marie!! I'm Masky's outgoing, strangely, sister!! I have been a creepypasta for quite some time now, but Masky never mentions me. My only friend here is Ticci Toby, but don't call him that. He hates it. Jane is like a sister and sally is too. I have a huge crush though. On BEN. I watch him play games and we're really good friends......I hope he never finds out, ever.


1. The death.

     Hi, I'm marie! I'm masky's sister. This is a picture of me.

This is my story. My story about, Living With Killers.

  Marie's pov

     "What?!" I screamed at the doctor. I couldn't belive this was happening. Let's get caught up shall we?:

   I got a call from the hospital saying my brother is dead. I couldnt belive it, I didnt want to. I got to the hospital and got to see his dead body before they sent it to be, changed, for the funeral. I saw knife wounds.

(A/N: this is where i start making things up) 

 Someone had stabbed hm to death. I didnt know who, but I was going to find out.

    So thats where we are now:

      "I'm very sorry but we can't allow any more visitors, we are sending him off to be readied." The doctor said.

"No!" I yelled back."I was his only family member, at the funeral I want him to look like this. With the wounds so everyone that comes can see what a horrible person has done." I finish

"If that is what you want we shall do it that way." The doctor said.

"Thank you" I sighed. My face was warm and wet from crying. A cop walked in and saw my face. He wiped a tear without thinking.

"Oh, uhh, sorry" he said and pulled his hand away.

"Its fine." I said.

"We have news back. Apparently your brother was wearing this mask" he said holding up a white mask with darkness where the eyes would have been and a cut where the mouth was. "and he wasn't attacked, he was attacking. We watch security footage and he walked up to this man and stabbed him in the heart, we don't know why but a man in the left saw this. He ran up behind him and grabbed the knife. And as you can see.....he stabbed him until he was dead." The cop explained.

"Wh-what?" I asked. My brother would never do this, he was kind to everyone and swore he would never kill. I coudnt belive it.

"Would you like to see the footage?" The cop asked. I slowly nodded, but I wish I hadn't. Sure enough it was all true. I gasped when he attacked that man and then gasped again when the other man attacked him. By the end I was crying. The cop hugged me.

"We need to ask you some questions if that's okay." He said sweetly. I nodded, I didn't mind being asked questions about this. I only minded whether they would belive me or not.

"Would your brother ever do anything like thks in front of you" they asked.

"No, when we were kids my father was beating my mother and we swore that we would never hurt anyone. Deffinantly not kill anyone!" I explained.

"So you had a bad childhood?" they asked

"Yes, my father would alwas be drunk and beat my mother, my brother and me. Mom was sweet though, she was nice and spent time with us every moment she could. One day we heard screaming and I started to cry. My brother calmed me by saying it would be okay. We went to bed and woke up but mom wasnt there. We searched everywhere. Then we saw the blood on the kitchen floor. Momma's ripped up dress. Her pale skin. The knife in her heart. Dad had killed her. She had a bottle of liqure in her hand and we remember her yelling at him to stop drinking that so she took it from him. That's why he-" I was cut off by tears.

"Its okay, if you dont want to explain you don't have to." One cop assured me.

"Did you two live together?" The woman asked.  nodded.

"Did he say anything before he left the house?" The male cop asked.

"Yea, he said he was going to visit a friend." I answerd.


  "hey, where ya goin?" I asked my brother.

  "To see a friend." He answerd.

 " okay, hurry home. Our show comes on in an hour." I reminded him.

  "I wont be gone for an hour." He replied.

  "Mkay!" I answerd, oblivious to what he was going to do

    ~end of flashback~

 "I wasnt scared of him" i said.

"we didnt ask if you were scared by him." The woman said.

"i know." I answerd.

"well, I belive that is all the information we need, thank you Marie." She said and i left. I went home but I later found out that if I had stayed out, I wouldn't be a creepypasta soon.

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