Living With Killers (creepypasta)

Hi, I'm Marie!! I'm Masky's outgoing, strangely, sister!! I have been a creepypasta for quite some time now, but Masky never mentions me. My only friend here is Ticci Toby, but don't call him that. He hates it. Jane is like a sister and sally is too. I have a huge crush though. On BEN. I watch him play games and we're really good friends......I hope he never finds out, ever.


2. he's back

  Marie's pov

I walked into, house and sat down. I looked at the mask, they said I could have it because the vase was solved. I wasn't so sure though, my question was why did he do it? I sighed. I figure if I don't move on then I'll never live a normal life. Sometimes a normal life isn't what you need though. Sometimes you just need someone to live your fucked up life with you. I went to my room and layed on the bed. Looking up at the ceiling I thought:

  why not me? Why couldnt they just kill me too?

i eventually fell asleep. I just kept having this dream about him attacking someone, because of me.


 *rustle* *rustle* *window opening* *someone climbing in*

"h-hello? Whos there?!" I yelled. I had been awoken by sounds of rustling.

"You'd better answer me!" I yelled again.

"P-please calm yourself. Its m-me. Y-your brother." The stranger said.

"What?! You sick creep, my brother is dead!" I yelled at him.

"Oh belive me, I know." The stranger calmly said.

"Wait, if its really you why didn't you go through the front door?" I asked.

"It was l-locked." He answerd.

"My brother had a key though." I said. This guy was a fake and I knew it. Or, at least I thouhght I knew.

"My dead body had the key. I w-was recreated. B-but not as so-something safe." He said.

"Then, why are you here? If you're not safe." I asked.

"I-im just getting my m-mask." He answerd. I turned on my lamp light to see him standing there in the shirt he was wearing when he attacked the man, same pants and shoes, same messy haircut. But he was wearing the mask.

"Take the mask off, then I'll belive you." I challenged.

"I can't." He said.

"Then, I-I don't belive you." I said. I wanted to though, I wanted my brother back.

"Please, I'll do anything else." He said. Before thinking I blurted out:

"How are you here."

"W-well, you see. I m-made a deal with a m-man. He said he w-would bring me back, protect me, give me a home. On one condition." He said.

"What's that?" I asked.

"I have to be a killer." He said.

"A-a killer?" I asked, I couldn't belive it. He wouldn't do this, no, he wouldn't agree to it.

"And I have to wear the mask, so nobody sees my face." He continued.

"I, I can't belive this. You wouldn't!" I yelled.

"No, but see I did. But I'm not going to, to kill that is. He said I could be a proxy." He said.

"A, a what?"

"A proxy, a helper. I'm going to be a translater for him." He said.

"What, is he forgien? Can't speak english" I asked.

"He uhm, well. He has no mouth. Or eyes. I'm in some way a medium for him to talk through." He answerd.

"N-no mouth?" I asked picturing that. "A-and no e-eyes?" Again picturing it in my mind.

"Yes, but he's nice once you get to know him." He said. "Come back with me." He said reaching his hand out.

"What, where?" I asked.

"Back to the house, to my boss, to meet everyone." He said hand still reaching out.

"Others like you?" I asked.

"Yes, we're known as the creepypastas." He said. I didn't know what I was doing but, I took his hand. I closed my eyes and opened them, we were in the middle of the forrest. I looked at him and tried to speak but behind him was a large, beautiful mansion. I looked inside and saw a tv on, and a boy about my age playing Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. I guess these people are normal, well, I thought at least.

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