More Than Friends

Meet Matt and Jen close friends since god knows when. They have grown up with each other knowing the other is never too far away.

Senior year its the year when you finally get to spread your wings that little bit and its that time when everything changes. When Jen starts mixing with the wrong crowd Matt starts to show his concern towards her. He is however afraid as he doesn't want to over step the line but then again he doesn't want to stand by and watch Jen self destruct. It could make or brake their relationship is he willing to risk it?


8. Update!





I'mn back!! sorry it has been so long!! thank you to the loyal followers who have stayed with tthis story I Hope you are ready for the adventure with Jen.



I just wanted to let you know that my computer did get wiped and yes that meant I lost my complete story but luckily I had written some of the storyline down in a book so now I just have to go over the story see what parts i'm missing and where they all slot in and add more work to it,

I realised that the 'turn down for what' chapter iis a bit early in the swtory so I will be adding some more chapters before it to give you more of a glimpse into Jen and Jim's relationship.

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