More Than Friends

Meet Matt and Jen close friends since god knows when. They have grown up with each other knowing the other is never too far away.

Senior year its the year when you finally get to spread your wings that little bit and its that time when everything changes. When Jen starts mixing with the wrong crowd Matt starts to show his concern towards her. He is however afraid as he doesn't want to over step the line but then again he doesn't want to stand by and watch Jen self destruct. It could make or brake their relationship is he willing to risk it?


3. Rule the School

~~Jen smacks the alarm that was blaring for her to get out of bed until she looks over at the time and realises she couldn't be late to school, she quickly scrambles out of bed and dresses into her uniform while calling out to her mum as she leaves the house. Senior year, they were going to rule the school!

As Jen pulls up outside of school and locks her car and starts to make her way up the giant steps to their high school she felt different; she felt good this was their year! There was just one thing that was bothering her but today she didn't want to let the niggling feeling bother her, that would be a another days dilemma. She swings her bag over her shoulder and is greeted by all the familiar faces of her friends as they make their way in together. The crowds part as they stop to admire the now seniors walking past, Jen flicks her blonde waves as she laughs at something someone just said. Jim comes in between her and Katie and swings his arms over their shoulders
“Here's to senior year!” he bellows and their group all lets out a cheer, he peaks Jen on the cheek as the bell sounds from them to make their way to assembly.

Matt watches the scene of all them walking in like they owned the place now he smiles to himself as one person catches his eye in that crowd. He leans against his locker as she makes her way past him; he is talking to some of his mates but looks up at the right time to catch her eye and gets a smile from her as she continues to move up the hallway with the rest of the group towards the auditorium. As assembly comes to an end and everyone files out to go their first period Jen steals a quick kiss form Jim as this year they wouldn't have any classes together.
“See you at lunch.” Jen says to him as they head in opposite directions, Jen's unfortunately was a double English.

“Ok class time to settle down.” Mr Jennings interrupts all of the chatter that was going on in his classroom and gets the lesson started.
“Look I know it's all very exciting being seniors and all, but that doesn't stop the commitment I expect to see from you all when it comes to your assignments.” Mr Jennings casually walks around the classroom handing out their new assignment; the first of many for the year. Some people let out groans as reality sets in.
“But Sir, it's our first day...”
“And need I remind you, this is your last year all grades count.” Out of all the teachers Mr Jennings was hands down the coolest in the way that he gave a damn about helping his kids pass his classes and he always tried to make the subject more down to earth for them to comprehend, but today his mission was to make it clear to his seniors that studying was important.
“As you may notice this assignment is a partnered one, so class please choose a partner and go sit next to them, these will also be your seats for the semester.” Mr Jennings casually strolls back to the front of the classroom. Jen and Matt were already sitting next to each other so she turns to ask him the question.
“Sure thing.”  the class starts to get rowdy again as everyone picks their partners.
“Quiet!” the class all fall silent. English was Jen's worst subject, she was just averaging it and needed to really concentrate just to pass. She was frantically jotting down notes about the assignment they had just been given as she wanted to try and do better this year. She hears Matt snicker beside her which interrupts her thought process, she is taken away from the board and glances over to him.
“Why so serious?” he says in The Joker voice as he frowns at her this gets a smile from her. Her forehead must be scrunched into a million frown lines, she gives him a light nudge with her shoulder and whispers
“It's easy for you, you always get good grades.”
“So do you.” he retorts back
“Just...” she knew she wasn't as bright as Matt and was thanking the stars that she had him for a partner for this assignment because it looked like a hard one.
“Miss Adams, Mr Wright are we bothering you two?” Mr Jennings had managed to catch them smiling at each other and not looking at the board, Jen blushes and both look away and straight to Mr Jennings.
“No Sir.”  they both get out and focus back on the task at hand.
“As I was saying...” Mr Jennings goes back to rambling on for the rest of the lesson.

Finally the bell rings a double of English wasn't the best to kick start the year off, lucky for Jen her next class wasn't so draining.  
“That was a close one.” Matt catches up to Jen in the hallway
“Tell me about it.” She glimpses up to him and smiles she admired the twinkle in his eye they are soon broken out of the little conversation.
“What was a close one?” Jim swings his arm over Jen's shoulder and joins them as they head to the next class.
“We got caught talking in class.” Jen says a little shy now from thoughts about Matt
“Oh no.” Jim gasps at her
“You might get a detention.” He chuckles causing him to get a nudge in the stomach, Jen's friends loved paying her out for being the only one who had not yet received a single detention during high school gosh even her best friend Katie had gotten one in ninth grade, Jen shrugs it wasn't something important to her but it became a little game to her to see if she really could make it throughout high school without a single detention.
“Hey that hurt”  Jim pretends as he pulls away and scruffs up her hair.
“Catch you later babe.”  Jen sticks her tongue out at him though it was a childish act to do Jim knew that she hated it when he scruffed up her hair, Matt just stands their laughing at her  as she tries to get her locks out of her face gaining him a evil glare which soon disappears into her smile again, Jen could never be mad at him.
“Here you got one.” He reaches a hand out and pulls a piece of hair out of the way so she can see properly he gently tucks in behind her ear, his hand lingers on her cheek that little longer then usual as Jen looks up at him and then they both quickly look away. The second bell rings from them to hurry up to their next period.
“See you at recess.” Matt calls out over his shoulder as he rushes off to his next class all the while thinking stop staring at her like that otherwise it's going to get you into big trouble buddy!

Jen couldn't deny it now that she was finally back at school Connor's party had meant something to her. She didn't know why but she found herself blushing at Matt's actions rather then just shrugging them off as just a friend, was she reading too much into their kiss, it had meant nothing right? Yet why was she finding herself thinking about it even now! All she could think of was why wasn't she feeling like this towards Jim, they were the ones dating yet something was stopping her with Jim she felt constricted by their relationship and she knew it had to do with what had happened to her a few years ago. She shakes her head she shouldn't be comparing Jim to Reece yet his actions were becoming more unmissable to those of Reece, she shudders at even the thought and races  to her next class.

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