More Than Friends

Meet Matt and Jen close friends since god knows when. They have grown up with each other knowing the other is never too far away.

Senior year its the year when you finally get to spread your wings that little bit and its that time when everything changes. When Jen starts mixing with the wrong crowd Matt starts to show his concern towards her. He is however afraid as he doesn't want to over step the line but then again he doesn't want to stand by and watch Jen self destruct. It could make or brake their relationship is he willing to risk it?


1. Here's to Senior Year

Connors Annual Party was tonight, it was where anyone whose everyone attends in the senior year. Their family hosted it every year, they were big on the parties. As Jen and her boyfriend Jim rock up to the front door they are greeted by all their usual group of friends. With the energy buzzing all around them and the music pulsating from within the house they are eagerly sweep into the fun. Jen gets pulled aside by he best friend Katie who was well and truly drunk that she could barely string a sentence.
“I'm going to go all the way with Glen tonight.” she slurs out to Jen proud of the fact that her and her boyfriend of a year were finally going to be taking the next step in their relationship, Jen wasn't concerned about Katie's well-being of giving herself away because she knew Katie and Glen were going to be that couple that will stay together and eventually get married Jen comes out of her quick little daydream of Katie's potential future and takes her drink off her before she can object.
“Ok babe that's great, but you don't need any more of these if that is what you're planning to do.” Jen quickly chugs down the drink which probably wasn't the smartest idea as the alcohol burns all the way down her throat. Though Jen admired her best friends relationship with her boyfriend she kind of envied it too. Her and Jim had been going out for a solid 3 months now but deep down Jen knew he wasn't her Glen; he had already deserted her by the time her and Katie had finished their little talk. Well Jen thought, I'm not going to let him ruin my night she turns away to find the drinks. As she spots the drinks table with all the people crowding around it she bumps into someone.
“Watch where you're.... Matt! Hey how are you?” Jen started to mumble out some insults until she looked up to see who she had bumped into and those insults left her mind as she takes in the fact she had just bumped into one of her oldest and closest friends Matt; they had grown up with each other and were besties all throughout primary school but when puberty hit and high school they had  found other people to hang out with. They were still close as they would still hang out with a lot of the same people.
“Jen!” he says and swoops her up into a hug he like 99% of the people were well and truly drunk, they brake apart and Jen indicated she'll be back with some drinks, as she comes back to him she hands him a cup and raises hers
“Ready for senior year?”
“You bet.” they cheers and skull down their drinks, as they finish them off Matt looks around registering that Jen is alone which was rare for one of the popular girls to be found like this;
“Where are all your friends? Where's Jim?” Jen smiles weakly at him, though she was popular and always had people around her she wished people weren't afraid to approach her when she was alone, she was an individual after all, she was taken back by Matt's question as if he was trying to get rid of her and here she thought him of all people wouldn't be so afraid of her. As if reading her mind he takes her hand.
“Looks like I'm the lucky one who gets to be hanging out with you tonight.”
“Good or bad?” She retorts Matt smiles at her catching her mood
“Tell me now and then we can have some fun ok.”
“Well Jim is off with the rest of the jocks as usual and well Katie has plans with Glen.” she winks at him and continues “I just thought Jim would have at least stayed with me for a bit but nooo.” She pouts a bit but then stops feeling sorry for herself. She was use to Jim doing this to her at parties that had his friends there.
“Well that's too bad come on.” Matt grabs Jen's hand and takes her out onto the dance floor.
“I know how much you love to dance.” He was right Jen loved dancing and he didn't like seeing her look down, Jen didn't object Matt had already made her feel that much better. After a few songs Jen is surprised at how good Matt can dance
“Matty when did you learn to dance so good?”
“When girls started liking me.” He laughs and Jen swings her arm around his neck so she doesn't fall in the heels she was wearing. Matt leaves the dance floor for a minute but returns with some more drinks Jen takes one and slams it down she wanted to be having a blast and the alcohol was helping her relax. After they finish those drinks the song changes and everyone's mood changes as they let out a groan, One Directions best song ever had started to play.
“Really?” Jen says cringing at music, but Matt is having too much fun
“I know you know the words.” he teases Jen, she smiles shamefully yes she did so she just shrugs and starts belting out the words
“And we danced all night to the best song ever!” They scream as they lean into each other. “I think it went oh oh oh.” they shimmy down low laughing so hard, when they try getting back up from their spot Jen shoe slips but Matt quickly grabs her arm so she doesn't make a fool of herself. As Jen straightens herself out some guy grabs Matt's arm and says something just out of Jen's ear shot. Matt looks at the guy and laughs and shakes his head at him and tells him something back and the guy goes on dancing.
“What was all that about?” Jen asks, as a smirk plays on Matt's face
“He said we make a cute couple, I him told you're just my best friend.” Jen laughs at the thought and then wraps both arms around his neck, beyond thinking straight she stampers out the words
“It wouldn't be such a bad thing.” their foreheads come together and Jen quickly pashes him but as a second of clarity creeps into her subconscious she pulls away just as fast before anyone can notice heck what if Jim found out she shakes her head at herself that was a stupid move. She looks up to Matt again
“Matt that was.... I'm sorry.” Matt felt just as bad as he had allowed the kiss and he didn't stop it though if he was being honest he did enjoy the fact that for the briefest moment him and Jen could be something more. He goes back into friend mode.
“Hey it's all good, nothing happened.” he winks at her, he unlike other guys was not going to brag about being kissed by the Jennifer Adams as that would ruin her and loose her trust and second he could find himself getting beat up by Jim. As if knew he was being thought of Jim appears out of no where.
“Come on let's go.” he grabs Jen's hand to take her back home, he gives Matt a quick head nod acknowledging he is there and they leave, Jen looks over her shoulder and mouths that was close. Jim didn't see anything at all he was too focused on wanting to leave the party before some of his own actions got back to Jen.


Hey hey new and fresh changed a few little things 1. Biff is now called Jim 2. Attempting to do third person as it sounds better. Let me know what you think? XOXO

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