More Than Friends

Meet Matt and Jen close friends since god knows when. They have grown up with each other knowing the other is never too far away.

Senior year its the year when you finally get to spread your wings that little bit and its that time when everything changes. When Jen starts mixing with the wrong crowd Matt starts to show his concern towards her. He is however afraid as he doesn't want to over step the line but then again he doesn't want to stand by and watch Jen self destruct. It could make or brake their relationship is he willing to risk it?


7. Characters

Hey people as requested here is my idea of the characters to this story, once again sorry I haven't been updating my computer got wiped so I need to find the document I had my story if not I've got to try and remember how the rest of Jen and Matt's story is going to play out... Sneak peak: Yes there is another guy chasing Jen will she take this opportunity or will she wait for Matt to admit his feelings towards her. Ask questions if you want to know more hopefully I'll be able to find the file I had for this story xx












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