my love story

Alisa was always getting messed with at school,
untill the new boy zack came to to find out her crazy love story.


2. omg!!!

ALISA P.O.V Zack and i were walking down the hall untill i got pushed into the wall JAKE=told u ill get u He raised his fist to punch me but before he could Zack pushed him off me and started beating him ZACK=never mess with her EVER again He said it with so much rage.i was kinda Stardled but i was also thankful i was already Weak enough. ALISA=OMG ZACK=i told u ill pertect u....lets go gorgeous After school****************************** When i thought the day couldnt get better it Turns out ZACK LIVES NEXT DOOR!!! YAY!!! *************************************** If any one is reading this story comment Wat u think about the story im nervous _ALYSSA
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