my love story

Alisa was always getting messed with at school,
untill the new boy zack came to to find out her crazy love story.


3. next door

ALISA P.O.V CONVERSATION Z=hey alisa come to my house later plz? A=um ok? Sure. I picked out an outfit and got in my shower ZACKS P.O.V Alisa is so beautiful i dont get why people Hate her so much her perfect green eyes And her soft long hair and she super nice. I may sound like a stalker but i dont care im In love! ALISA P.O.V I put on a red mikey mouse shirt with some denom shorts and white converse.i put my hair in a messy bun and headed to Zacks house! ZACKS P.O.V I was in the shower when the door bell rang DAMN! I answerd the door to see alisa with a shocked look on her face.i only had a towel on my waist A=she turned around blushing and said sorry. Z=no need to be sorry,calm down.come inside. I ran back to the shower and got dressed In sweat pants no shirt. ALISA P.O.V I walked to zacks door very nervous i rang the door bell and he answered it in only a towel .i started blushing and water was dripping of his abb's .hes so hot! I walked Inside.his house was beautiful .he came running down the stairs shirtless .OMG!!! We talked 4 awhile the i kicked his butt in Just Dance 3 .we were watching movies With my head on his chest and his arm around me .i had never done this before. I like it!!! I suddenly felt myself drifting to sleep.i had a great night
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