my love story

Alisa was always getting messed with at school,
untill the new boy zack came to to find out her crazy love story.


1. how we met

ALISA P.O.V)I walked into the place i dread the most.SCHOOL. Then i was greeted by a hard slap acrost my face By the non othet Jake Riley.God i hate him. JAKE=sup bitch I just stood there quietly waiting for watever to come Luckily the bell rang JAKE=ill get u later As i was walking to class i was called to the office PRINCAPAL=Ms.Carwell will u show Zack to all of his Classes please. Great . Another school bad boy.why?Zack wad tall with black hair and very od:d eyes one was blue the other was green.But he was kinda hot!But i had no Chance.We got up to leave ZACK=hi wats ur name ALISA=im alisa. But ull probally hate me like all the Others. I told him about the bullying i endure.he looked sorry? ZACK=Dont worry u wont be hurt any more
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