Alexa is a girl who has been in hiding her whole life from something that her parents won't tell her about. One day something happens and she's alone with her best friend, Kohl. Hiding where her parents left her. That's until she gets taken and sold to one of the wealthiest men in the world.


5. Chapter 5 (The House)

"Hi, I'm Harry Your new owner."

"Uh...uh...hi?" I nervously stammer back.

"Well anyway we have to get going. See you later Karlee." He waves Karlee away and hooks his arm to mine. My breath hitches. I'm pretty sure he notices but he doesn't say anything. We start walking out the door and toward the car. Another burly man walks out. He opens the back door and let's Harry in and closes it. He starts walking over to me when I realize there is a cloth in his hand. A second later he has that cloth covering my mouth and nose and I am screaming for my life. This isn't going to happen again. But in almost an instant, things started getting blurry and everything went black.


Everything was warm. And comfortable. How did I get this comfortable? I suddenly start replaying what has happened in the last day. I woke up with a start. I was sitting in a huge bed with a canopy. The room was very luxurious. It had gold walls, a desk with a mirror and makeup sitting on it, and a wardrobe sitting in the corner. Suddenly, the door knob started rattling and the door opened revealing a big man with muscular arms, and black hair up in a quiff.

"Hello, my name is Zayn. I'm your advisor. " He said.

"Hey Zayn."

"So, we are eating right now, but do you want to tour the house before you do?" He states.

"Umm, lets tour the house." I say calmly.

"Okay, this is your bathroom. It has everything in it that you need." He gestures to the door on the far right.

"This door is your closet. It is fully stocked with the clothes the agency gave you, and the clothes the Harry wants you to wear." He gestures to a door on the other side of the room, by the bed I was still sitting on. "Come on, we have a lot of ground to cover."

I sat up from the bed and walked in to the hallway ready to see the rest of the house.

~Authers Note~

Hey guys! Just so you know, Alexa is played by Nina Dobrev! Sorry for the short chapter! But I will try to update soon! It would be amazing if I got at least 5 votes before I update though??

Please Comment what you think, Vote, and follow if you haven't already!

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