Nash's love

Will Rose fall in love, with her new friend?


2. Party time

I was laying on my bed and I heard my phone go off. I reached over and say it was Nash. It said hey Cameron, Hayes, and I are getting together tonight. Come over at 3. I replied ok, I'll be there.

Around 3 I went to Nash's but no one was there but I knocked on the door anyway. Nash answered and told me to come in.

"Where is Cameron and Hayes?" I asked.

"Ummmm.... They went to get pizza." He answered. We decided to watch tv and after about 30 they still haven't shown up so I texted Cameron to see where they were.


Me: Hey, where are you?

Cam: At my house, why?

Me: Nash said that you, Hayes, and I were all hanging out.

Cam: Ummmmmm I didn't hear anything about that. Hayes went to a sleepover with some friends. It sounds like Nash tried to get you alone.

Me:OMG no I don't even know him. Can you come over with pizza?

Cam: Haha he's trying to get you alone to get to know you but of course I will bring pizza be over in ten.

"So Nash how much longer till pizza gets here?" I asked him

"I don't know. Do you want a snack?" He said

"Nah I'll go home in a bit. I'm kinda tired." I told him. He didn't have anything to say to that.

We started flipping through the channels when the door bell rang.

Nash's POV

Who in the world could be here. I looked through the peep hole to see came with pizza. Why is he here? I didn't tell him to come over. I was trying to hang with Rose. I opened the door. I pushed Cameron out the door and closed it behind me.

"What are you doing here?" I asked

"I'm here with pizza what do you think." Cam said

"Well bring it in a leave." I told him

"Why you got a girl over?" He said

"NASH WHO IS IT?!" Rose yelled. She opened the door and ran to Cam.

"YESSSSSS PIZZA! Let's go inside you guys!" Rose said. We walked inside and we ate pizza. I was really confused why Cameron showed up he didn't even know. Oh well I'll get him to leave.

Rose's POV

I'm so glad Cameron came over it was awkward before. We ate our pizza on the couch and watched vines for almost an hour.

"Guys I'm tired I'm about to go home." I said

"NO! I mean why don't we have a sleepover we will all sleep in the living room." Nash said.

"Yeah Rose spend the night. Unless your chicken ." Cam said with a wink

" I am No chicken!" I said

"Great! Ill set up a big pallet." Nash said. We set up the pallet and lied down. Nash scooted over kinda towards me. Our body's started touching. He whispered in my ear.

"Rose I think you are beautiful. I want to know you better." I didn't answer. I just laid there. I felt his arm go around my waist and pull me closer.

I woke up the next morning to find Nash staring at me.

"Good morning beautiful ." He said and kissed me on the forehead.


"Rose, I'm sorry. I was to forward but let me take you on a date and let's see how it goes." He said softly.

"I don't know Nash." I said

"Please." He said and leaned in and kissed my cheek.

" I guess I will." I said

"Yayyyyyy!" Nash said happily.

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