Nash's love

Will Rose fall in love, with her new friend?


4. After date

It was mid day and two days after my date with Nash. I didn't really know how I felt about the kiss but I knew I wasn't in love. It was like I loved it but hated it. I wanted more of him because he was amazing in someways but I had only met him a month ago but I could feel some spark I guess.

Nash and Cameron came over with lunch so we all ate on the couch. Nash came by me and put his arm around me and I didn't move. I just sat there and smelled his colon and listened to him breath. Cameron kept looking back at us. I think he felt uncomfortable because he made an excuse to go home.

A few minutes after left Nash started talking to me.

"I'm sorry if I startled you the other night." He said. I just sat there and looked at the tv.

"You are just are beautiful girl." He said

"Thanks."I said and looked at him at smiled. Nash turned my face little more. He his forehead on mine and the tip of our noses together. Nash slightly kiss my lips. This time I didn't pull away but kisses him more. Nash pulled away and smiled. We sat there together and I fell asleep in Nash's arms.

Nash's POV

She looked amazing while she slept. So I took a selfie with her and set it as my home screen. I finished the last show of new girl and carried her to her bed and laid her down and pulled the covers over her and laid down behind her. I wrapped my arms around her and she moved closer. I fell slowly fell asleep.

I woke up and it was daylight but there was no Rose. There was a note on the bed.

I went to get IHOP I'll be back.


I could tell she was already back. I could smell bacon so I quietly walked down the stairs and saw her reaching for plates. I walked behind her and grabbed her waist and kissed her cheek.

"Breakfast is ready." She said and twirled around me to get to from my hands. We ate breakfast.

"Let's go swimming." I said.

" Ok, let me change." She said

Rose's POV

I walked up stairs trying to think which bathing suit I should were. I picked out a baby blue strapless bikini. I grabbed my red and black cover up. I walked back down stairs and couldn't find Nash. I texted him and asked where he was he said hide and seek go. still at your house. I yelled out "NASH I DONT WANNA DO THIS I WANNA SWIM!" My phone went off Come on baby don't be scared I'm not hiding hard and we will as soon as you find me ;). I started looked around the house. I looked in a closest no Nash. I checked the kitchen, laundry room, and the living room and still no Nash. I walked up to my room I looked in my closet and still no Nash. I was looking in the mirror to look at my hair when Nash busted from behind my door and tackled me to my bed. I screamed as he took me down. He stood over me and laughed. He looked into my eyes and bent down and started kissing my neck.

"Oh shit. What have I walked into!?" Cameron said.

"OMG what are you doing here." I said

" I was going to ask you to go swimming but you seem to be busy and it looks like y'all were going to the pool. So I will just leave." Cam said

"No wait. We were just leaving." I said. I looked and Nash and saw a disappointed look. We walked out the door and Nash went to his house to change. Cameron walked with me to the pool. I was looking in when Cameron came up pushed me but I screamed and grabbed him with me and we both fell in. We came up laughing. Nash jumped in right beside up and splashed us. As I was coming up a pair of hands grabbed my waste. Cameron lifted me up and Nash came on the other side and they threw me. I swam to the deep end acting like I was mad at them but instead they got in a water fight so I snuck out the pool and got on the diving board and jumped beside them. We swam for a few more hours and went to my house. Cameron left because he was tried so Nash and I cuddled. He kissed me and then it got heavy. I put my arms around his neck. he carried me up the stairs and laid me down. He started kissing my neck. I gave a small moan. He slid my cover up off and them my bathing suit. He rubbed my breast and I took his shirt off. He kissed me again. He kissed down my body and down around my stomach and opened my legs up and kissed the outer part of my thighs.

It was morning and Nash was still asleep. I kissed his cheek and he woke up.

"Hey last night was great but I need to ask you something." Nash said

"Sure anything"

"Ummmmm well I want you to be my girlfriend because I like you a lot like more than you could ever imagine." He asked. I just stared at him at for a few minutes.

"So no?" He said

"Oh sorry yes I will." I said. He smiled so big. He kissed me and we cuddled most of the day.

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