[Sequel] I Think He Is The One. [Completed]

Kris has just gone on the Australian half of the 5SOS World Wide tour. Now its time to Tackle the rest of the world, While,at the same time, create whatever life she chooses to have with Michael. She will come across some bumps in the road to her perfect life, will she be able to over come them? find out.


10. Lukes POV

Lukes POV

I woke up with Angela in my arms. she was still dead asleep. I smiled at her. I kissed the top of her head and tried to remove my arm from underneath her so i could shower. I failed in my attempt and she woke up. " Lukey.. what time is it?" she asked. "No clue darling." i said giving her a kiss. She kissed me back, I loved feeling her body against mine her lips against mine, I just love her. We havent said it yet, but im sure i love her. "Hey. Beautiful. The boys and i are having an acoustic little show in a park a few streets over, are you and the other gonna come?" I asked kissing her again and then getting up for good. "Ill talk to them. We probably will." She told me as she sat up in bed and rubbed her eyes. SHe did her cute little stretch and climbed out of bed. I was just standing against the door frame to the bathroom. "What time is it at?" She asked me. "i have no clue. i should probably ask the boys about that, Can you hand me my phone?" It was plugged in next to the coffee maker, which she was at making coffee. "Of course love." She told me and unplugged my phone. "You have some twitter notifications and a text from Calum" She said standing on her tippy toes to kiss my cheek and handing me my phone. "Thank you beautiful." I said smiling. I unlocked my phone and answered Calums text. 'You guys up yet?' it was like 11,usually we get up at 9. Weird, well we did stay up last night to have sex. God i love her. 'yeah. jsut got up. any clue what time the acoustic thing is?' i sent. a few seconds later he replied. 'I think Ashton wants it at 1ish. text him or go see him.' 'i will. thanks bro. you and Katie want to come get Starbucks with me and Angela?' i sent.. i should probably ask her about that. "Hey Angel?" i asked coming up behind her and wrapping my arms around her. "yes dear?" she replied turning around and leaning on the counter. "Want to go to Starbucks with Calum and Katie?" i asked nuzzling my face into her neck. "Of course, but we need to get dressed first, and shower." She said as i kissed her neck. "ill answer Calum" i said into her neck and kissed it again before getting the will power to take my face away from her neck. I pulled out my phone and answered Calum again. 'sounds cool. give us about half an hour? we need to shower and get dressed and that shit' he said. 'dude same here. ill text you when ready' i sent. 'sounds like a plan' Calum sent me. i read it and locked my phone. "Angela darling, want to shower?" i asked her smiling. "Only if is with you" she said walking up to me adn kissing me. we walked backwards into the bathroom while kissing, i kicked the door shut and pulled apart. "Why of course my love." I said and started the shower. once the shower was ready i took her, i mean my, shirt off of her. she took my shirt off and we stripped our underwear off. We jumped into the shower and took a really quick one, with alot of kisses.  

After our shower Angela got dressed in a strapless dress, the top was white and ruffled the bottom was a black background with floral print and came down to the mid thigh. She left her hair down in natural waves and put a cute flower crow, which had white flowers, on her head. She escaped into the bathroom to do makeup. I got dressed in my 'i dont trust me either' tank top and black skinny jeans with both knees blown out. i dont care about my hair today, so i just put the black slouch beanie i stole from Calum on.Angela came out of the bathroom with thick winged eyeliner and pink lipgloss on with mascara. Ive learned how to notice the stuff, thanks to Lou. She put on her black felt heels and i put on my black vans. i picked up my phone and texted Calum, 'We are ready, are you?' "You look beautiful. i need a picture with my baby." I told Angela and opened the Camera app on my iphone. I bent down a little and kissed her cheek and took a picture, then i jsut put my face next to her and took a picture. She stuck her tongue out so i did too. "Hold on i have a timer cam on my phone." She said and put her phone on the counter, rested against the wall so it was standing up. She angled it so if we stood a few feet away our whole bodies were shown. "Im gonna put he 10 second timer on, we need a kissing picture" She said smiling at me. "Lemme answer this text first. 'Almost, waiting on Katie, give us like 5 more minutes' Calum sent me. 'kk' I sent. "Okay. Lets do this." i said. Angela pressed the button and then ran over to me, I leaned down and our lips touched, i pulled her close to me and put my hands on her hips. One of her hands, the one not facing the camera, was on my cheek, the other was holding on to my arm. We heard the click of the camera going off but i didnt want to let her go. I put one of my hands on her small face and licked her bottom lip asking for entrance. She granted me just that and soon this turned into us making out. I turned her around so the bed was behind her and i slowly walked us to the bed, When the back of her legs hit the bed i pushed us down so we were laying down on the bed making out. 

A knock on the door tore us apart. "Dammit" i said. WE both gotup, she went to her phone and looked at the picture. "Its so cute. im posting it to Twitter and Tumblr." Angela said, she ran the bands'official' tumblr account. I felt my phone vibrate with the mention so i opened it. The picture was really cute, there was a caption '@AngelFromAbove: the man who has my heart' so far it had 100 reblogs and 200 favorites. I retweeted it and added the caption 'my baby'. Then i posted our selfies together. 'this girl means the world to me. I dont know what id do without her <3 :* @AngelFromAbove' while i was posting those Angela answered the door. "Hey Calum,Katie" Angela said. "Hey, you guys ready?" "Yeah. Luke grab your wallet and my purse please" she smiled at me. "Of course my love." I said and grabbed both things. I handed her her purse and then we left, she kept the keys in her purse, so we wont be locked out. "I think the only Starbucks in Providence is in the Mall, and i dont want to maneuver around there... Theres a coffee place called. Dunkin Donuts around here. Want to go there? Theres one on like every corner." Calum said looking around "Sure. Lets try something new." I said and We walked down the street two blocks. there was a Dunkin on the corner. We walked inside. The smell of food hit me right in the face. Donuts, Bacon, Suasage. It smelt amazing. "Holy shit. this place smells wonderful." I said. "it really does." The lady behind the counter laughed at us. "First time in a dunkins?" She asked her accent seemed wierd, She put extra emphasis on the 'R' Rhode Island Accent i guess. "Yeah... Can you tell?" "Yeah. Here. What would you guys order at a starbucks?" She asked. "I usually get an ice tea with lemon" Calum said. "We have that. Uh Small Medium or large?" SHe asked. "Medium" Calum said. She rung that in, "What about you girls?" "I usually get a caramel mocha coffee" Katie said. "Hot or iced?" The lady, Kelly, asked. "Iced." "Okay, one Mocha Carmel Iced Coffee, how do you like it? and im gonna guess medium" "Uh three pumps cream,  4 sugars" Katie said. "Im gonna guess these are all medium?" "yeah" we said. " What about you, the one in a cute dress" "Oh. I get a Mocha Frappichino at Starbucks. So that would be a coolata here but we dont have carmel, we have all these flavors," She said giving us a little list. "Oh the oreo one" "Thats really sweet" "Thats fine." "Okay so one medium oreo coolata" "How about you?" She asked me "uh.. Im gonna jsut guess. A Carmel swirl iced coffee, medium. Light cream, 4 sugars." I said. "Holy shit." She said. "Okay ill make these. the total will be 8.50." She said. "This place is cheaper then Starbucks." I said. A few minutes later the oreo coolata, and the ice tea were on the counter, then the two coffees where. I gave her a 10. She gave me 2.50 back and i put that in the tip jar. "thank you." We said and walked back to our hotel. It was around 12:30 when we got back. Ashton, Kat, Michael and Kris were all in the hallway. "Luke, grab your guitar. Calum, hang with us, girls are you coming with?" Ashton asked. they nodded. Angela gave me my key and i went inside my room and grabbed my guitar and my sunglasses. "We have to stop at the van because thats where my acoustic box is." Ashton said. "Sounds like a plan. someone have directions to this Kennedy Plaza palce?" I asked. "I do" Kris said holding up her phone. We walked down to the Van and Ashton got his box, Michael grabbed his guitar as well. We followed Kris' directions and showed up to a small park at 12:50. "Okay. lets tweet." Everyone pulled out thier phones. 'Providence fans, We are in Kennedy Plaza right now, we are gonna play a little acoustic show at 1.' that was basically all of our tweets. Soon there was a small crown around us. We set up around the "Ship wreck" i dont know what the fuck it was. "Okay. hi. Well lets start. What song first?" Ashton asked. "Do Voodoo Doll" Kris said. "You guys okay with that?" Calum asked us. we all nodded and started playing.

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