[Sequel] I Think He Is The One. [Completed]

Kris has just gone on the Australian half of the 5SOS World Wide tour. Now its time to Tackle the rest of the world, While,at the same time, create whatever life she chooses to have with Michael. She will come across some bumps in the road to her perfect life, will she be able to over come them? find out.


9. Kris POV

Kris POV

As we got out of the Van i lit up a cig. The rest of the boys went up. A few minutes later they were in a window a few floors up. There were alot of fans out here. Two of them werent staring at the boys but we staring at me. I walked over to them "You know, you arent gonna hear anything from out here. especially not with the screaming" I told them. One with Long Brunette hair told me "We jsut want to see them. maybe get autographs and pictures." I smiled. "You know who i am right?" I said putting out the cig by dropping it and stepping on it. "Yeah. Youre Kris Irwin. Ashtons sister and Michaels girlfriend." The one with Pink hair told me. I smiled. " What do you want signed?" I asked. THeir eyes bugged out and their Jaws dropped. "Im about to go up there. I can get you something signed. and If you want pictures then Stay here and ill bring the boys over and tell the security gaurds to let you out for pictures at the end of the show" I said. The brunette haired one looked like she was about to cry. "Thank you so much. uh. i wanted this signed." She said handing me a tee shirt. "I can get that signed. What about you love?" I asked the girl with pink hair. "I wanted my Iphone case signed." She said taking her case off. I smiled and took it. "Becareful. and uh. Whats your name?" At this moment my phone went off. It was Michael 'What are you doing? We need to start the interview' 'ill be up in a sec' "I got to go. SO names?" "Im Allie" The Brunette one said. "And Im Jess" The pink haired one said. I gave them hugs over the rope fence and then headed upstairs. A Security gaurd stopped me. "Name?" "Kris Irwin" "GO ahead up. its the 5th floor." "Thanks" i said and ran the rest of the way. I reached the room and Michael called me over. "What took so long?" "I started talking to two fans. i have some favors you guys need to do." i said. Michael nodded. 
"Welcome to 92 Profm thanks for listening. Here in Studio we have the Famous Australian Band 5 Seconds of Summer and an extra. Whats your name hun. " "Im Kris Iwrin. Ashtons sister and Michaels Girlfriend" I said into the Mic. "I see. Well Im Kim and this is Giovanni. Now, uh, I beileve it goes Michael Kris, Luke Calum and Ashton. Am i correct?" Kim asked. "You are indeed" Ashton told her. "We have a few questions and then we are going to take twitter questions."Giovanni said. "First question. How many of you are single?" "You really havent done any research" I said quietly not quite into the Mic. "We all are taken happily actually" Michael said giving me a dirty look. He heard me. I tried not to laugh. "Oh and what are thier names?" Kim asked. "Well im dating Kris." Michael said laughing a little bit."Im dating an old friend of mine. Her name is Angela." Luke said. "Im dating one of Kris' best friends Katie. " Calum said. "And im dating a girl i randomly bumped into at Starbucks. Her name is Kat." Ashton said. "There seems to be alot of 'K' names" GIovanni joked. "I guess. i dont know how that happened." Michael said. " Now i want to hear the story of how Ashton and Kat met. that seems wicked" Kim said. Ashton laughed. "Okay. Well We were all in London at this time. about  a month and a half ago. And Calum and i were going to starbucks on our day off. As we were going into Starbucks i ran into Kat and spilled her drink all over the ground. I guess it was kinda love at first sight for me. I offered her to buy a new drink and we all sat down and talked untill she  had to leave. Then later that night we all went.. uh.." HE gave me a look. "We went clubbing.. But Kris didnt come. she was with Katie." Ashton said. "Thats how i met Katie, was before Kris and Katie left for Katies house" Calum put in. "Now why did you look over to Kris before saying you guys went clubbing." Gio asked, "Well.. uh.. Some mistakes were made that night.. and uh.. Michael and i got in a fight.." Ashton said "And the next day Kris went back to Australia for a month and a half." Luke added "She actually jsut came back to us yesterday. randomly, didnt tell anyone of us. Just showed up at our concert." Michael said. "SO Kris.. were you and Michael on a break or something?" Kim asked. "Well. When they went clubbing a month and a half ago Michael ended up kissing another girl. Ashton sent me a picture and saying that he had until i responded to get off of her. it took me a few minutes to respond. but i did and all i know is i showed up the next day at the hotel to a busted up Michael and a semi busted up Ashton. Because of the picture i broke up with him. And i went home. Being at home made me realize how much i missed my boys. and with no one there for me anymore i came back and asked for Michael back." I said holding back tears. Michael put his arm around me. " its okay Kris.." he whispered into my ear. "Im so sorry Kris." Kim said. "Its nothing anymore. I have my favorite 4 boys back" I said smiling looking at them all.
The interview continued and then there were twitter questions. "Okay. @5sosfan wants to know who is the laziest." Michael and i looked down. "Its a tie between Michael and Kris. They are always sleeping or laying in bed. Its hard to get them out." Luke said. "They sleep the longest though" Calum said. "Thats cos they are up til 3, 4 in the morning" Ashton added. "Is this true?" Kim asked. "Guilty as charged" I said. "Okay then. Well next question, @Cashton1102 wants to know, who has the most tattoos and whether any of you plan on getting any more." Gio asked us. "I think Kris has the most tattoos." Luke said. "I beileve thats true." Ashton said. "i mean i have alot of tattoos. But Kris has so many." Calum said. "Well Kris how many tattoos do you have?" Kim asked. "uhh.. lemme count. i think i have 10." I said "Holy crap that is alot. "Wait. last i knew you only had 7 Kris" Ashton said. "When i was back in Australia i got 3 more... " i giggled. "what ones?" Calum asked. "Why dont you just tell us what ones you have." Kim offered. "Okay. well i have a phoenix going down my side and onto my back, Wings on my back, a superman symbol on the back of my neck, a heart with wings on my wrist, a have a matching tattoo with Ashton. He has 'to inifinty' and i have 'and beyond' on my hip, thier logo on my other hip, Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas, Michael has Jack. and when i was in Australia i got my parents initials and their life span on my collar bone, i got the lyrics from Rejects 'Everyone sees it, Its not a secret, Im just a reject' on on my other side, and i have the Eevee evolutions going down my leg, i count that as one." I finished up. "damn." Michael said quietly. "Are you, or any of the guys planning on getting any more tattoos?" Kim asked. "Uh I want to get some more pokemon on my legs." i said. "Im probably going to get more tattoos." "I want to get the band logo." Michael said. "I might get a matching one with Angela if shes up for is" Luke said. "What about peircings?" GIovanni asked. "I want to get alot of places on my face peirced. adn a bell button one. " I said. my ears were already decked out with piercings. "Im fine with my ear peircings" Michael said. "My lip piercing is enough for me" Luke said. "Im good without' Calum said. "Same as Calum" Ashton said. They continued on with the interview.
About an hour later Kim finally said. "Okay guys, that's all the time we have. so It was nice meeting you. Have fun on tour. Good luck with the girls" GIovanni added " Thank you guys for coming in." "it was no problem" WE said and they showed us out. Before we went downstairs i stopped the boys "Okay! i need you guys to do me a favor." i turned to a security gaurd "I need Jess, she has pink hair, and Allie, shes brunette, should be with Jess, i need them brought to us." "Yes m'am" The gaurd said and went downstairs "and while hes doing that. sign these please" i said handing them the case and the shirt. A few minutes later the gaurd came back with Jess and Allie. "these the right girls?" "Yes" i said. "Thank you." "I turned to the girls "Okay. Jess, Allie, Meet Michael, Luke, Calum and Ashton" "Hey how come i was said last?" Ashton asked. "im your damn brother" "Exactly that" i said smiling. "Guys this is Jess," I said pointing to the girl with Pink hair. "And this is Allie." i said pointing to the Brunette one. "DO you mind giving them pictures?" i asked. "Its no problem." Ashton said. They all took pictures, afterwards Jess and Allie stopped me before we left, "Can we get a picture with you too?" they asked. I smiled. "Sure" i said and stood with them. Ashton took our picture."post those on twitter and tag me. ill share them" I said. "Its @Offici-" "We know what it is." "I'll be waiting. bye guys" i said and they left. A few minutes later we left and got into the Van and started our way back to the hotel. "Tomorrows our day off right?" i asked. "it is indeed." "Do you guys want to surprise the fansand play an acoustic little thing in the park, i think its called Kennedy Plaza, in the center of town?" I asked. they smiled. "Lets do it." "Only tweet about it 10 minutes before we start. okay?" i said. "That way there isnt too much of a hype." i said. they nodded and we went to our seperate rooms. Michael and i were dead tired. we changed into pajamas, crawled into bed and passed out.

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