[Sequel] I Think He Is The One. [Completed]

Kris has just gone on the Australian half of the 5SOS World Wide tour. Now its time to Tackle the rest of the world, While,at the same time, create whatever life she chooses to have with Michael. She will come across some bumps in the road to her perfect life, will she be able to over come them? find out.


6. Kris POV

Kris POV

I woke up the next morning with a major headache. "Kris." Katie said. "yeah?" I asked. "Do you remember last night?" Thats when it all came flooding back to me. My eyes started to water and i was crying again. "Hey.. lets get you back to the hotel. and we can talk to him about it" "I dont want to see him" "but love. you nee to go back. I can have Ashton come pick you and me up. will that make things better?" She asked me. "I guess... Text him off my phone." i said and handed her my phone. She sent the text and then waited for a reply. When she got a reply she gave me my phone back. "He and Calum will be here in 10 minutes. Lets get dressed." She said. She helped me up and gave me the outfit i picked out, a black tank top with a high collar, the top part was a lace design untill around the boobs area, paired with black ripped skinny jeans and my beanie. I wiped off makeup from last night and applied new eyeliner, then put my glasses on. I was putting my combat boots on when Katie came in dressed in a dark red tank top that had the sides cut down to almost nothing, tucked into Dark Skinny jeans that were acid washed for design. she had her hair in a beanie and she wore her black platform boots that gave her an inch of height.  She had her makeup done dark like yesterday. We were packing my stuff up when the doorbell rang. "i got it." Katie said ad went downstairs to open the door. i stood on the top of the stairwell. Oh hey Calum. Hey Ashton" Katie said. "You girls ready?" Ashton asked. his nose was bandaged and his lip was split. He had a nice bruise forming on his cheek. I ran downstairs. "Oh my god Ashton are you okay?" I asked. "Its fine sis. Michael and I went at it last night." He said. "Oh yeah... Well ill help you get that healed and covered... hows Michael?" "A mess.. Emotionally and physically. He has a black eye and a broken nose, your bro here can pack a punch"  Calum said. My expression must have faded because Katie hugged me "lets get your stuff and go okay?" She said and kissed my head. I smiled faintly. "Thanks Kate." i said. she ran upstairs to grab my stuff and Ashton engulfed me in a hug. Katie came downstairs carrying my bag and we all headed to the car. i had my phone in my pocket, along with my key. Calum drove us the 10 minutes to the hotel. Cal dropped Katie Ashton and I off at the front door and we went inside. We took the elevator up to our floor. Ashton was about to take me to his room when the room to my door swung open. "Kris.." Michael said. "Fuck off asshole" Katie told him and they brought me to Ashtons room. Michael followed. "Kris im so sorry. Can we talk about it please?" Michael asked through Ashtons closed door "Ash let him in." i said, sitting on Ashtons bed, Katies arms wrapped around me. Ashton let Michael in and right behind him was Calum. Calum and Ashton sat on Calums bed and Michael stood in front of Ashtons bed. "Listen. i know Ash sent you a picture. i know it doesnt look good. But i love you Kris. I was drunk and she looked like you. I forgot you didnt come with us. I didnt realize that untill after my face was being beat in by Ashton." Michael said. "Why should she believe you. " Katie snapped. "Katie..i can handle this" I said. "Michael.. let me put it this way. I gave you my heart and in an instant it was crushed. i dont think i could trust you again after that. i fucking love you Michael. and the one time we arent connected at the hip, you go and make out with another girl." i said."But.. i thought she was you. youre the only girl i want Kris, Im in love with you." "Im in love with you too Michael.. but that one move... that one, drunk mistake... took everything away..give me time and maybe. we can go again. because i really do love you Michael.. i really do." I said. then i turned to Ashton. "I want to go back to Australia for the rest of the tour to try and get over this.. Ill fly out to where ever you are, if you arent home yet, when im ready.." I told him. "Are you sure?" Ashton asked. I nodded my head. "okay." Ashton sighed. "Ill buy you a ticket back home." I stood up and Katie followed. "now im gonna go pack my bags..." Katie and I left to go back to my room.

Michael came in a few minutes after Katie and I got there."Im the Jack to your Sally remember?" He said. "If you need to talk. you know im there." Michael turned to Katie, who was glaring at him, "Calum said to give you his number... so.. here." he handed her the little piece of paper and then face planted on the bed. There was a knock at the door. Katie opened it, it was Ashton, "the next flight back home leaves tonight at 6. Our concert is at noon til like 8.. and its 10 now.. we have to leave at 11. so get to saying good bye and stuff." Ashton said. then he turned to Katie. " Can she stay with you untill then? and can you get her to the airport by 5?" "yeah. we might show up at the concert for a little before hand. Just so she can say bye to the stage hands and your manager and Lou.\." Katie said. We grabbed my bags, Ashton gave me the ticket and Katie and I had Calum give us a ride to Katies.. we waited there untill 4, Thats when we headed to the concert.The security guys recognized me and let us in, I went to Lou, "Hey Lou.. Michael and I are on a break and im leaving back to Australia.. so.. i guess this is goodbye for now." I said and gave her a hug."Im Sorry to hear that. you'll be okay.. bye love.. text me if you need anything." she said and kissed my cheek. i smiled faintly and said goodbye to everyone else. Their Manager said to me, seeing he was the last of goodbyes a 4:30, we had to leave by 4:45 the latest, "Go onstage. say goodbye the the fans and the boys.. please." I sighed and went onstage at the end of thier next song. Stage hands gave me a mic and my ear piece. "Hi guys." I said walking onstage. Al the boys stopped talking and looked at me. "Kris.. i thought you would have left by now" Ashton said jumping down and engulfing me in a hug. "I came to say goodbye.." "We havent explained to them yet.. " The crowd was dead silent. " So uh.. guys? Im going back to Australia.. Michael and I are on a Break right now... and i dont see the need for me to be along anymore.. so Im going home.. this is goodbye." I said and blew i kiss to the audience. Luke and Calum came up to me and gave me hugs. "Ill miss you guys. Text me" i said. Michael stood in the same place as i walked on. It was 4:40. i have 5 minutes. "Goodbye Michael Clifford." i said last and walked off stage crying. Katie took the mic and the ear piece. "Keep the ear piece." the stage hand said. i smiled. "Thanks" i said. Katie rushed me to the car. We got to the airport at exactly 5. Katie walked me up to the luggage check. Then she gave me a hug. "I love you. text me. I'll be back with mom in a few weeks." She kissed my cheek and i smiled. "I love you too. I will text you." i said and went to the waiting area.. when it was time to board the plane i did. At exactly 6:15 the plane took off for Australia.. Adelaide Australia.. Back to where i have no family, barely any real friends, and a house full of memories...


Wow im sorry for such a sad chapter...

 I cried writing it btw...

-Kat xoxo

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