[Sequel] I Think He Is The One. [Completed]

Kris has just gone on the Australian half of the 5SOS World Wide tour. Now its time to Tackle the rest of the world, While,at the same time, create whatever life she chooses to have with Michael. She will come across some bumps in the road to her perfect life, will she be able to over come them? find out.


5. Kris POV

Kris POV

We took  cab to Katies house. 'I love you' Michael texted me I smiled at the text 'i love you too' i texted back. "texting Michael?" Katie asked. "of course" i smiled and locked my phone. "Theres one guy who caught my eye.. Calum i think.. is he single by any chance?" Katie asked me. I smiled  "Calum is defiantly single. " i laughed. " should i tell him youre interested?" i asked holding up my phone and waving it around slightly. "No no no no no please no." she begged a look of fear on her face. i put the phone down. "I wont i promise." "Thank you Krissy."  Katie said. "No problem Katie"  i said. I pulled the JD out of my bag. "Hey Katie.We're gonna have fun tonight" i said and showed her. "Oh god Kris. put that away til we gt to my house. pleaseee" I laughed and put it back in my bag.  the cab pulled up to her house a few minutes later. "Thanks man."She said and i handed him my card.  he ran it through and we went inside. "Mom! Did you leave yet?!" Katie screamed when we got inside. "Not yet hunny." Her mom said walking down stairs. Her moms long dark brown hair was half up, her bangs on the side, she wore a pretty strapless black dress that fell to just above the knees. Katies mom was only 16 years older then Katie, Teen pregnancy, so she was only 34. and she looked good for 34.  "im leaving now." She said. "Oh Kris! its so nice to see you again" her mom said hugging me "Thanks mom i missed you" i said and huggedher back. She kissed my cheek as the doorbell rang. "That must be my date. goodnight guys. i probably wont be back.No parties, no boys, no loud music, no illegal drugs" She said smiling.  We smiled back "Okay mom.we get it. go have fun." Katie said and her mom opened the door and left. "Oh Dave-" was all i heard before she shut the door. "Okay. so lets get this movie marathon started." Katie said and brought me upstairs to her "Sleepover Room" as she called it. 

The Sleepover room was basically the floor was a bed with pillows/cushions against the walls and a projector hanging from one side with a giant  screen as the opposite wall. "HOLY SHIT" I said  and dropped my bag. Then realizing the JD was in there "SHIT" i said and checked the bottle, "its okay. good." i said out loud. "Now grab that bottle. put it here, and get changed into comfy pajamas. because we are going to Movie marathon all night long." Katie said opening a conjoined door to her room. She went in to change and i changed into my superman pajama pants and my superman tank top.  I put my hair up into a Messy bun as Katie came back in, In her black Pajama pants and a grey camo tank top.  " Im thinking a pixar and disney marathon." She said throwing down her movie collection. "sounds like a plan to me" i smiled. she put in the first movie, Finding Nemo, starting off with some feels. 

About 5 movies in to this movie marathon we were both drunk, the JD was almost gone, and my phone went off. I checked it. It was Ashton, He sent me a picture, i opened the picture and my eyes watered up.. Katie noticed. "baby girl. Whats wrong?" She asked. i just showed her my phone. the picture was of Michael. He had his face attached to another girls face and they were at a club. Ashton captioned the picture 'Im giving him 10 seconds after you respond to detach his face or its getting beat - Ash' Katies eyes widened and she dropped my phone,paused the movie and held my face in her hands "Listen to me Kris. Fuck him. FUCK HIM. He hurt you but you are so much stronger then this. Hes one guy. Maybe yeah you love him, but Kris, You can do so much better.. Now respond to your brother." She said after i stopped crying and gave me my phone. 'fuck him.-Katie. Have a blast Ash -Kris xoxo </3' I started bawling again and i locked my phone. Katie pulled my head into her chest and she was trying to calm me down.. i ended up falling asleep cuddled into Katie.



-Kat xoxo

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