[Sequel] I Think He Is The One. [Completed]

Kris has just gone on the Australian half of the 5SOS World Wide tour. Now its time to Tackle the rest of the world, While,at the same time, create whatever life she chooses to have with Michael. She will come across some bumps in the road to her perfect life, will she be able to over come them? find out.


13. Kris POV && Authors Note

Authors Note So. I kind of want to write a prequel to Can He Be The One, to like.. explain Kris And James(You get more information in this Short((Im sorry its short))chapter) and like Her life before Ashton Left and then after Ashton left.


Comment them please -Kat<3

Kris POV

We showed up at the club and i gripped tight onto Michaels arm. "Its okay" He told me Ashton walked up to the security gaurd "Name?" "5 Seconds of Summer" He said. The gaurd checked his list. "Go on in" he said and let us in. It reminded me all too much of the night with James. Years ago i sunck out and went to the club with Katie. Katie and i got separated and that's when i met James. Thats when i got stuck in his trap. He raped me the first night, in the back room of the club. Afterwards he gave me back to Katie and we went home. 

Michael took me to the bar. "Lets get you a drink to calm you down" he said then got the bar tenders attention. "what can i get you two?" "Jack Daniels Please" Michael said. A few minutes later there were two tall glasses of Jack Daniels. Michael took one and i took the other. we walked back to our group and sat down. I just kept looking around. The things James said to me kept running through my head 'Just dont scream. it wont hurt.' I tried to shake his voice out of my head. 'you cant leave me!' hed yell at me when i tried to run away. 'Love me! Im the best thing youre gonna get!' hed scream and beat me. "Kris? Are you okay?" Michael asked  I snapped back to reality, "Oh? i..im okay. Just zoned out." i said and looked down. I drank more of the Jack Daniels and they ordered me more. 

After a few more Michael and I went to dance. In the middle of dancing with Michael everything switched. suddenly i was in the dress i wore the night i snuck out, my hair was different, my natural blonde color, the people around me where different. i could hear Katie yelling for me from across the club. I turned around and it wasnt Michael, it was James, his Dark Brown hair glistened with sweat and his Dark brown almost black eyes shone. "Whats wrong hun? Not having fun?" he asked me and gripped onto my wrist. This wasnt real. it couldnt be. No.. no. I closed my eyes and then suddenly i was back with Michael and the gang.My hands were covering my ears, my eyes were squeezed shut. "We have to get her out of here" i heard Katie say. "Go find the others" She said to Calum and Michael. Katie picked me up and we were walking. all of a sudden the music lowered in volume and i was sat down on the curb i think. a few minutes had passed and Then i heard. "Hey, you two ladies lost?" "Get the fuck away from us" Ktie said. "Dont back talk me bitch" The guy said . "Hey! get the fuck away from our girlfriends!" Calum said. "Woah.. fine. whatever.Fuck you guys" The guy said and then i didnt hear his voice again, i think he walked off. "Lets get her back to the hotel." i heard Ashton say. Then i felt muscular arms around me. Michaels i think.There was a long walk with no talking and then i heard doors open. the hotels probably. i heard a ding and then we walked for ward and then we started moving up. Elevator. it dinged again and we walked down the hall. we stopped and i heard some goodbyes as they went to thier rooms. Michael opened our door and They walked me in. I got sat down on the bed and then i heard someone kneel in front of me "Kris. I need you to look at me." She said. It was Katie. "What happened to her?" i heard Aston ask Michael. "I dont know. We were dancing and then all of a sudden she was covering her ears and her eyes were shut." Michael said. "Kris.. Can you tell me what happened?" Katie said again. I felt a pair of hands on my hands, I let them bring my hands down and put them on my lap. "Hunny. Its jsut Mike, Ashton and I. You Are Safe" Katie said. "Now open your eyes please." She said. I slowly opened my eyes and looked right into Katies. "See.Youre safe. No James.. youre okay" I looked around and Michael and Ashton were looking at me.  I fell onto my knees and hugged Katie. "Thank you" i said into her ear. "No problem love." she said. "So what exactly happened," I took a shakey breath. "In the middle of the club i started having really bad flashbacks to James and the first night i met him..." i said Ashton wrapped me into a hug. "I love you. Youre okay" He said and kissed the side of my head. He let go of me. "Come on Katie. Lets let her sleep" Ashton said. I hugged Michael and i didnt want to let go. "The times i relived were horrible." i said starting to cry. "I understand hun. Youre okay now. i Got you. lets get ready for bed. Okay?" He said and i changed into his shirt and then crawled into bed. Michael followed me and pulled me close. "im right here. its okay" he said and kissed my head "i love you" he said as i fell asleep.

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