[Sequel] I Think He Is The One. [Completed]

Kris has just gone on the Australian half of the 5SOS World Wide tour. Now its time to Tackle the rest of the world, While,at the same time, create whatever life she chooses to have with Michael. She will come across some bumps in the road to her perfect life, will she be able to over come them? find out.


14. Katies POV

Katies POV

After Ashton and I left Kris i wouldnt settle down. I got back to my room and Paced around. Calum laid in bed shirtless watching me, "Babe" he said. "huh?" i asked. Mentally i was running through everything I knew Kris had gone through with James. Ever since i met him, i was scared. And i hated seeing her hurt. This asshole still had a grip on her. "Babe you zoned me out again" Calum said, now standing in front of me. "Im sorry Cal.. Im just so worried about Kris" I said "I get it. If one of the boys had a freak out like that too id be just as worried. "I feel so bad. Im sorry Calum" i said and Calum wrapped me in a hug "Baby its okay. " He said holding me. "Just try to sleep okay?" He said pulling back and looking me in the eyes. "Okay baby. Im gonna get changed then." i said and grabbed one of his shirts. I changed into his shirt and took my pants off. I sat on the bed and rubbed the indents skinny jeans leave on my legs. "Come on baby." He said and pulled me backwards slowly. I crawled up next to him and cuddled into his arms "Cal." "yeah baby?" "Thank you" "for what Katie?" "For everything. For caring about me, putting up with my mood swings, and just plain out loving me. " i said and kissed his nose. He pulled me close by my hips and pressed his lips onto mine. "Youre all i could have imagined and more" He said after he pulled apart. I smiled and nuzzled my head into his chest. Soon enough his breathing evened out and he was asleep "I love you" i whispered. "i love you too" i breathed into my hair. "i thought you were asleep" i said. "Kinda." he said and passed out for good.  I just smiled and kissed his bare chest. Then i closed my eyes, listened to the sounds of Providence and Calums breathing and fell asleep.

I woke up to Banging on the door. "Mother fuck, What time is it?" I asked. "For fucks sake" Calum said getting up and opening the door. "The fuck you want?" He asked Ashton. "Jees calm down," He said. "You woke us up Ash" i yelled from the bed. "sorry. its 2. We have to go to the stadium by 3.  I thought you guys might be up. " "She spent most of last night worrying about Kris," Calum said as i got out of bed and stretched. "So did I."Ash said. "Anyway,im going to wake up the others. " Ashton said. Calum shut the door and came back to me. "Baby i need a shower" he said pulling me close. "So do I" i said and kissed him. He backed us into the bathroom and shut the door. I pulled apart. "So i guess im being forced to Shower with youu?" i asked turning the water on. "Well if you dont want too" Calum joked and went to leave. I hugged his waist . "no baby i was joking" i said and he turned around, i let go. "I know." "Now lets get this shirt off of you" he said and lifted the shirt off of me. I smirked, he only sleeps in boxers. I took my hair out the bun i put it in and shook my hair our while Calum took his boxers off and jumped into the shower. i unclipped my bra and took my underwear off and jumped in after him. We washed up and Calum seems to like washing my hair so i let him do that. "My hands are pink" He said shoving his hands in front of my face form behind me. "Its what happens when your hair has dye in it like mine does" i said and turned around and pecked his lips. I rinsed my hair out and then we got out. I wrapped a towel around myself and walked out into the room. I grabbed my high waisted acid washed jean shorts, that showed off the Pikachu in a Raichu costume tattoo i had on my thigh(which i got with Kris when her and Michael were on a break and she was in Australia, right before i came on tour with Calum), with an Camo tank top tucked in, with my black 2 inch platform sneakers. I packed my makeup and hair supplies in a bag and grabbed my phone. Then i looked to Calum,who was dressed in 'To Write Love On Her Arms' shirt and black ripped skinny jeans. "Well arent you a cutie" he said to me. "Speak for yourself" i said. He pulled me into his arms and gave me a quick kiss. I smiled and checked the time. "2:50." Then i heard the knock. I opened the door and it was Ashton and Kat. Ashton wore his American flag tank top with holes near the collar, with regular skinny jeans and converse. Kat wore and All Time Low tank top with black skinny jeans and a beanie on her head with Rasta (Red, Yellow, Green) Colored Vans. "ready to go?" Ashton asked. "Cal, Grab my bag please?" i asked. He walked up behind me, Key card in one hand, my bag in the other. We walked out of the room and shut the door. Then we knocked on Luke and Angelas door. Ashton knocked and Luke answered. He had Nirvana shirt on, with holes near the collar and on the sleeve with black skinny jeans and vans. "Ready?" Ashton asked. "Yeah. come on Angel." Luke said to Angela who had a bag of probably makeup and hair supplies, like i did, Angela wore a white lace tank top button up  tucked into jean shorts which were torn slightly, with white converse and a braided belt. They walked out of thier room and shut the door. Next was Kris and Michael. "Wait.. Ash. Let me." i said. Ashton looked into my eyes and understood completely. I knocked on the door. "Mike. Kris. " i said. Michael Answered the door. He wore a Def Lepard Shirt with the sleeves cut off, and pants that had one leg that was vertical striped black and white, the other one plain black. "How is she?" i asked. "im fine." Kris said appearing from the bathroom in a galaxy button up tank top, with Black destroyed Skinny jeans. and studded combat boots. She had her Iron Maiden bag in her hand. I nodded and we all left.

"Boys why dont you guys go on ahead?" i asked. "I want a coffee. and i think the others can agree with me. We will bring you stuff. Just text me what," i said. The boys nodded and got into the van after they all kissed thier girlfriend. Calum pulled me close. "I love you" he said in my ear. i smiled. "i love you too.." i said into his ear and kissed him. He pulled away and got into the van. They drove away. We started walking and Kris pulled out her box of smokes. I held out my hand and Kris gave me one and the lighter. I lit mine then gave the lighter back. We arrived at Dunkin Donuts and ordered our coffees  and whatever the boys wanted. Then we walked to the stadium. 

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