[Sequel] I Think He Is The One. [Completed]

Kris has just gone on the Australian half of the 5SOS World Wide tour. Now its time to Tackle the rest of the world, While,at the same time, create whatever life she chooses to have with Michael. She will come across some bumps in the road to her perfect life, will she be able to over come them? find out.


4. Calums POV

Calums POV

We got back to the hotel and Luke and Angela were in the lobby with Michael and Kris. "I dont want to go! i dont do good with people." Kris said. "But your fine with us!" Luke yelled at her. Ashton ran over to them "Hey dont yell at my sister!" Ashton screamed. Luke stood up and got right up into Ashtons face. "She's ruining our plans Ashton!" I rushed over. "Can we please take this upstairs. People are looking." I asked as i looked around and noticed the people in the lobby looking at us and whispering Luke looked angry. his face was basically turning red. Ashton looked just as mad. "Fine." Ashton said and stormed upstairs. Luke went to go right after him but Angela and Kris held him back. Michael looked at me "Wanna go after him?" I looked to the girls "Do you have him?" "We will bring him up soon." Kris said. Angela nodded. Michael kissed Kris' cheek and we went upstairs to Ashton, who was in our room. I barged in "Are you trying to get us fucking kicked out of the fucking hotel?! We may be celebrities but STILL!" I screamed at Ashton. he jsut turned around to face me"Im sorry.. I just didnt like how Luke was talking to my fucking sister." "We get it" Michael said. "I had to hold myself back too" Michael added. "Is it okay to bring him in?" I heard Kris outside. I opened the door, "Is he calmed down? we are going to talk about everything" Luke looked at me "Are you going to try to hit somebody?" I asked him. He sighed "No. Just let us in" He said. i sighed and let them in. "Ashton sit in the chair. Luke, sit on my bed." I said. They sat down and Angela sat next to Luke. I sat on Ashtons bed with Michael and Kris. "Okay. So. why were you yelling at Kris?" i asked Luke. "Because the rest of us want to go clubbing tonight but she doesnt want to go." "Well you could have jsut talked to her about that" Ashton spit form behind me. "Kris, why dont you want to go clubbing?" I asked. "Because i dont like large groups of people. Being on stage is different because they arent all around me. I never said you guys couldnt go. I have a friend who is here on vacation i can spend time with tonight." She told us. "See Luke, all you had to do was talk to her." I said. Michael turned to Kris. "Are you sure? ill stay here with you." "Babe. go have fun with your boys. I have Jack Daniels and my friend, Katie. " Michael smiled. "Okay baby. As long as your okay with it." He said and kissed her cheek. She smiled. "See. now its almost 5. so lets get ready. Kris why dont you call up Katie?" i suggested. "I will do that." She said and pulled out her phone. Michael led her out of our room and Angela took Luke to their room. "She doesnt talk much does she?" I asked. "I dont think so. Maybe she talks more around Luke." Ashton said. "Id guess that much. Any who, lets get ready to go clubbing" "I dont know if i want to go." Ashton said looking sheepishly down at the carpet. "Come on Ashton, Kat will be there." "Shit, i forgot to ask the boys. Ill be back." He said and grabbed his key then went to the other rooms. i sighed and went looking through my clothes. 

after i found some clothes i went to take a shower. I heard the door to the room open and Ashtons voice, he must be on the phone with Kat. I finished my shower and got dressed in my black tee shirt with our logo on the little pocket in white, and black skinny jeans with no rips, i put on my special toucan boxers and my black vans. I walked out of the bathroom and Ashton was going through his clothes. Dude. just wear a tee shirt and jeans with converse. Ashton pulled out basically the same shirt as mine except it was white with the logo in black. "Go ahead. who cares if we match alittle." i said. Ashton smiled his goofy smile and went to change. "What color bandanna?" i called to him, "Grab the white with black designed one!" i called back. I went though his bag and found the bandanna. i put on my black snap back on. Ashton emerged from the bathroom fully dressed. I went in to style my hair and a few minutes later Ashton was next to me trying to get his bandanna on. I put a little bit of gel in my hair so it stayed in place. Ashton let his hair do whatever it wants, as long as his bandanna was in place, and it was.

There was a knock at the door. Ashton answered it. "Krissy!" he squealed and hugged her."Hey, Katies here. She wants to know whether we are staying at her vacation house or if youd rather we'd stay here." I head Kris say. I walked out and stood next to Ashton "Oh, hey Calum." Kris said. "I'd like to meet said friend Katie" Ashton said. "Ash.. shes literally my oldest friend, but if you insist, give me a second." Kris walked down to her room and went inside. "Okay Calum, Shes gonna bring Katie out. Ive met her before. but i want you two to meet." "What why?" "Because i think you two would be cute. just be nice. maybe youll hit it off." Ashton said and smiled. After a minute Kris and who i assume to be Katie walked down the hall and stood in our doorway. "Ashton, you remember Katie right?" Katie was a short girl with pink and black hair, She dresses kinda like Kris, She was wearing a Icon For Hire shirt that was cut off above the belly button, tight black skinny jeans, and a camo jacket was tied around her waist. She had her hair down and dark makeup around her grey eyes, which made them pop. "And Katie this is Calum." "Hi Katie" I said. i must have zoned out the quick conversation between Katie and Ashton. "Thanks for staying with her for the night while the rest of us go out Katie" Ashton said. She smiled and one dimple, on her right cheek showed up. "Its no problem really.," Katie said, she didn't have a British accent, she had an Australian accent like us. "So do you want us here or should we go to her vacation house?" Kris asked. "Go to her vacation house. Its probably more fun then a stupid hotel room." Ashton joked. "We will get on that. im just gonna pack some stuff first." Kris said and ran back to her room, Katie kept looking at me, we were having full eye contact this whole time. Katie got pulled into the room and that broke out eye contact. Damn im gonna have to talk to her more. Ashtons phone rang, "Hey..... OH yeah,.. come on up... room 545. know what. ill come down and meet you. gimme a sec" he said and raced down the hall. "Well then." i said and shut the door. A few minutes later there was a knock. I opened it to Ashton and that girl Kat. "Sorry, forgot my key." "want me to get the boys?" I asked. he nodded and sat Kat down on his bed. they started talking and i texted the boys and Angela, 'Kat is here, meet at Ash and I's room xx -Cal' 'KK- Mike' 'be right over bro -Luke and Angela' 

They showed up at our room and we all left to go to the Clubs as Katie and Kris left. Kris kissed Michael quickly. "Ill be back tomorrow, i promise" Kris said and they left. The rest of the night was a blur as we got drunker and drunker and hopped from club to club.

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