[Sequel] I Think He Is The One. [Completed]

Kris has just gone on the Australian half of the 5SOS World Wide tour. Now its time to Tackle the rest of the world, While,at the same time, create whatever life she chooses to have with Michael. She will come across some bumps in the road to her perfect life, will she be able to over come them? find out.


3. Ashtons POV

Ashtons POV

I woke up the next morning with the sun peaking through the windows. I stretched and rolled out of bed. "Calum wake up." i said throwing a pillow at him from the ground. "huh! huh im up" Calum said closing his eyes again and laying back down. "Come on mate! its Noon. we should go out on town."I said to him, opening the mini fridge and pulling out the small thing of milk. there was a cupboard above the fridge. i opened it nad found cereal and bowls and spoons forks and knives. I grabbed as bowl and poured the lucky charms into a bowl. I poured the milk as Calum got out of bed. "Dude. pour me a bowl." Calum said grabbing his Nasa shirt and black skinny jeans. I poured him a bowl of cereal and handed it to him. He sat down on his bed, eating the cereal, and turned on the tv.  I sat down in the chair next to my bed and ate my cereal as Calum flipped through the Channels. "OH! Doctor Who reruns!" Calum said excitedly. I gave him a look. "youre such a dork." i said. Secretly all of us like Doctor Who. im jsut busting his balls. "Dude. shut the fuck up" Calum said laughing. i laughed too. I finished my breakfast and put the bowl on the counter. "Im gonna shower man." i said and went into the bathroom. I took a quick shower and when i was done i jumped out and grabbed a towel. I wrapped that around my lower half and walked out shaking my hair. Calum was still watching Doctor Who. "GO shower Cal." I said. I picked out my 'ACDC' shirt and black skinny jeans with my black sweatshirt. I was putting my converse on when Calum came out to get his clothes. "Dude have you seen my bandanna?" "You and your fucking bandannas bro. no i havent seen them Ash." He said and walked back into the bathroom. I searched through my bags. "FOUND IT!" i said and held it up in victory. "found wha.. oh yeah.. right your bandanna." Calum said coming out of the bathroom dressed. "ready to go?" I asked. "Good to go" Calum said after grabbing his phone key adn wallet. i did the same and then we left. 

We left the hotel and started walking down the street towards downtown. "im feeling like some Starbucks" Calum said. "Find out where the closest one is" i said. Claum pulled out his phone and started googling starbucks around us. "theres one a few streets over" Calum said pointing in the direction. "Then lets go" I said. A few minutes later there hadnt been one issue with Fans and we arrived at Starbucks. "Dude, we arent gonna find anyone" i said opening the door. Too bad someone was coming out at the same time. I bumped right into her. "I am so sorry!" I said. We had both fallen on the ground. I helped her stand up. "Dude are you okay?" Calum asked. "I think so.""Are you okay" I asked the girl i ran into. She had long pastel Pink hair, she was wearing a All Time Low shirt, it had thier pictures around the logo, and high waisted skinny jeans with Vans. She looked up at me. Her striking green eyes stung right through mine, eve if hers were behind glasses. "I.. Im fine.. Youre Ashton Irwin." She said. "shh. please dont tell anyone.": I said. "and youre Calum Hood." She said, obviously still in Awe. "I am indeed." "I didnt catch your name love" I said. "Uh.. Im Katherine Sinclaire." She said. "but everyone calls me Kat. Oh fuck. my coffee." She said. "im sorry. Ill by you a new one. Come on" I said grabbing he hand and bringing her into the Starbucks. thank god almost no one was here. "Here order whatever you want." i told her. "uh.. what i just had please." She told the barista. The barista nodded and began her work. "What about you?" "uh. Just a caramel macchiato please" i said smiling. The barista Nodded. Calum ordered his drink and we sat down to wait. "Im sorry about bumping into you" I said. "Its no problem." "would be be able to get your number?" I asked. "oh uh sure." She said. i handed her my phone and she put her number in there. "Ashton, Calum, Kat." The barista called. We all went up to grab our drinks then sat back down. "Ash we might have to go. Luke just texted me, He and Angela want us all to go Partying tonight." Cal said. "Damn..  Okay. tell me whats going on, Make sure Kris is okay with it." I said. "Kris.. Kris Irwin. Your sister?" Kat asked. "Yeah. Shes not a big partier. atleast not a club type person. more stay at home and drink Jack Daniels type" "Ohs. Well maybe i can go clubbing with you guys? I do know the local ones" She told me smiling shyly.Her dimples popped out. "I'll talk to the boys." i said as her phone went off. "oh shit. its Dad. i got to go" She said. "thanks for the coffee" she called before answering the pone and walking off. "Dude. Yeah we have to go to the hotel." Calum said. "okay." i said and we got up and walked back to the hotel.

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