[Sequel] I Think He Is The One. [Completed]

Kris has just gone on the Australian half of the 5SOS World Wide tour. Now its time to Tackle the rest of the world, While,at the same time, create whatever life she chooses to have with Michael. She will come across some bumps in the road to her perfect life, will she be able to over come them? find out.


7. All POVS

Mixed POVs in this Chapter

*a month and a half later*

Ashtons POV

Michael hasnt been the same without Kris. Hes been all depressed and quiet. hes started sleeping more, and not caring. i mean the rest of us are sad. Kris was our best friend and my sister. I dont know if this tour would have been as much fun without her. and the rest of the tour isnt as fun.. Currently we are in the USA. Its been a month and a half since Kris left us.Good news in this is Kat is now my girlfriend. and i couldnt be happier with her, but without Kris here it feels weird. It feels like being happy is wrong. She hasnt texted any of us.. but she has skyped once or twice. I miss her alot 

Calums POV

"Kris left us and everyone stopped being in a good mood.. " i explained to the interviewer. Only Luke and I came. "Who do you think is taking it the worst?" She asked. "Personally i think Ashton is having a hard time coping without his sister with us. But Michael doesnt really leave the bed unless we are travelling or playing a show. even then Hes not the same" Luke said into the Mic. "Have you guys had any contact with Ms Irwin?" "Uh once or twice. She skyped us a while back. she smashed her phone when she got back to Australia, so she cant really text us. Shes messaged us on facebook and twitter but thats only here and there. I dont think shes doing that great either." I said. The whole band knew about her cutting habits, we were all scared she had gone back to them, or worse. "When was the last time you talked to her?" I looked to Luke. "uhh.. Was it Tuesday last week?" i asked. "i think so. it was late at night after our concert. but Tuesday or Wednesday last week." Luke said."Are you guys worried about her? Her parents are deceased, correct?" "Yeah" we both said. "So no one is there looking after a heart broken girl." "Well yeah... but we all wanting to pause the tour and make sure she was okay, but she wouldnt let us. She knew the fans would be devastated." "and thats true they would." Luke continued.  "Im sorry about Kris guys, but our time is up. That was half or the boys from 5sos. on 101.7 fm. Tune in next week for the boys from One Direction. Thank you Calum and Luke for stopping by." "It was no problem" We said and they escorted us out. 

Luke POV

All of us were a wreck. Calum had his girlfriend, Katie, and Katie was the only one who had constant contact with Kris. Angela has talked to her more the any of us boys have. And Angela thinks something is up..

Michaels POV

I have spent every day in the past month and a half crying or sleeping. ive been drinking alot of Jack Daneils, it reminds me of her, and going through our memories together. our firs kiss, the first date i took her on. I fucking love her. "Mike. we got to go to the show" Ashton said trying to get me out of bed. i rolled out of bed and threw on whatever clothes i had. I grabbed my half empty bottle of JD and a full one and put those in a bag. Ashton, Luke, Calum and I walked to the stadium. i finished the half empty one on the way there. "mike. you need to stop drinking. youre gonna heave on stage, plus its not good for you." Luke told me. All three of thier girlfriends were waiting for us backstage when we arrived. I took my bottle of JD and sat in a corner untill i had to get changed. I hate that i lost her. She means so much to me...

Kris POV

I knew that the boys were in Providence, Rhode Island, USA for thier show tonight. i had arrived last night not telling anyone but the girlfriends. I was still hurt but i missed my boys. and being back home made everything worse. It was 6 and i heard the boys walk past my door, im clever you see, i got the room right next to Michaels. I took the extra key that Angela gave me to Mikes room she swiped it when he wasnt looking and he got a new one. I got dressed in my Jack Daniels Tank top that had the sides cut down to two inches above the bottom hem line, and black skinny jeans with combat boots. I put my hair into a messy bun, put my contacts in and  did my makeup. Then i grabbed my bottle of JD from the fridge and my pack or smokes from my purse, and i went next door to Michaels room. I walked in and saw the empty JD bottles on the ground. "oh no no no no no" I took out my phone and texted Lou, 'Michaels drunk. im going to be at the show tonight. Make sure he is wearing the Jack Daneils shirt. I want to match him- Kris xox' I got a response almost instantly 'will do. ill tell security to expect you back stage.' 'thanks Lou <3 xox' ' welcome hunny' I grabbed my purse/ totes bag, and put the cigs, JD, my ear piece, and my phone in there along with my lighter. I called a cab and went to the stadium. The boys already started thier show by now. Security let me in and i hugged Lou. "Thank you. " I said and kissed her cheek "no problem hun. really. now go get your boys." She said. I took a swig of the JD, and gave my ear piece to the stage hands to connect. "good to have you back" Carl said and gave me the ear piece. i put it in and they gave me a mic. I walked on stage in the middle of 18. Ashton stopped playing the drums which made the other boys stop. "Kris?" Calum asked. "Hi guys." i said. Ashton ran down from the drum stage and hugged me tight, twirling us in circles. "Woah. might want to stop. im slightly drunk." i said. Ashton stopped and put me down. Calum came and gave me a hug, next Luke, then the girls. After Angela gave me a hug i stopped and looked at Michael. He was just staring at me. "Please tell me this isnt my imagination" He said into the Mic. "Nope. im really here." I said slowly walking towards him. He took his guitar off and set it on the ground. "I love you" he said. "Youre drunk." i said back. "I still love you"He said. "I love you too. Thats why i came here tonight. Michael Clifford i am in love with you, and i want you back." He looked awe struck at what i just said. I gave him a moment to let that sink in. "Michael. will you please, take me back as your girlfriend?" i asked. he smiled and hugged me and kissed me. "Yes. oh my god yes. i will" He said. I smiled. "Good." i said and kissed him, dropping the mic. "Awhhh how cute. but can we get back to our show?" Luke asked. Michael and I pulled apart. "Of course" i said and sat on the drum stage, next to the three girlfriends. Katie put her arm around me. "I missed you." she told me. "I missed you too" i said and we hugged.

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