It's Gotta Be You


2. Chapter 2

Brooklyn's POV

I was just walking the streets of London till I gave up and sat down on a curb. " Hey beautiful want to come with us. I saw 7 guys in front of me. " No thanks." I said. " Oh come on." one guy said while trying to touch me inappropriately. " I said no thanks." and grabbed my luggage and ran away but they were faster. One guy put me against me a wall and started kissing me on my neck. " Help!" I shouted. They all ignored me and they all started touching me inappropriately while that one guy kept kissing my neck. Next thing I knew there was nothing but empty space around me two guys were knocked out on the ground while the rest were being beat up by none other than One Direction. Jocelyn ran up to me and hugged me and I cried into her shoulder. " I'm sorry I shouldn't have ran off." I told her through tears. " Don't even say sorry it was my fault for punching you in the nose." We both cried into each others shoulders. Niall cleared his throat. " And thank you guys." I said giving them all a hug. " No problem." they all said. I pulled out the hug and smiled. Jocelyn took out her spare phone and started texting Brandon her boyfriend. I rolled my eyes and pulled out my phone. I checked my phone and saw a text from my boyfriend Colton. ' We're Through' is what it said. 'Why?' I texted back. ' Cause your a slut, a bitch, and just a flat out whore' tears started building in my eyes. I tapped Jocelyn's shoulder. She turned and saw I was on the verge of crying and I just handed her my phone. " I'm sorry babe." she told me and she pulled me into a hug once we were outside the hotel. I cried into her shoulder again. The boys walked up to us since we were a little bit ahead. " What happened?" Liam asked. " Her boyfriend broke up with her." I cried even harder. " Life is just perfect today."

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