The Life of a Subway Surfer

If you play the game subway surfers then you might understand this a lot better.


1. My life



    I woke up to another day at our camp site in Sáo Paulo. Me and my group originally came from America but you see the cops have been looking for us in America so we moved. Then the cops found us in the next continent so we moved again and again and again. That's what got us here. We have been painting positive graffiti quotes at the subway. To make the world more colorful and inspiring. The cops don't like that so that's why they are after us. The people who support our work are called the rebels and they leave us money on the rail road tracks so we can afford travel and get paid. This kid Edison just joined us, he is a rebel from Sáo Paulo but he won't stay for long because he must stay with his family. Speaking of family, all the kids in our group are orphans we don't have any family. Me and my brother, Spike were abused and we have lived on the streets almost our whole lives until a nice lady took us to an orphanage. We were getting too old to be there and we needed a job, so that's how I got here. I know it sounds cheesey but, the Subway Surfers(my group's name) are kind of like one big family and I enjoy being part of it.

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