On Purpose

Someone broke into someone´s garden just to swim in someone´s pool at midnight. That someone is Harry.


6. 6.

“You have written it in your face. Like flashing billboard by the road” He was suddenly sitting next to me. His wet arms were touching my elbows. I quickly moved a little away from him.

“What?” I quickly moved a little away from him.

“That no one is allowed to be near you.” His words hit me like thunderbolt.

“When you avoid everything, yeah you prevent yourself from being hurt but you also ruin chances to be happy.” He added and stood up.

“Muffin?” he suddenly asked me from behind.

“Thanks. What do you meant by having it written in my face?” I stood up too and followed him.

He looked at me and took a deep breath.

“You always wear that wrinkle above your nose. I don’t know.” His hand scratched the back of his head.

“Look. I just think you should stop worrying about everything because there will be nothing left to enjoy” The truth in his words hit me like a thunder storm.

“This life wisdom doesn’t suit you” I added to ease up the atmosphere. He chuckled loudly and I joined him. My subconscious keeps asking me if what we have here is friendship. To be honest I don’t want to know the answer because it might ruin this feeling inside me that someone cares. And for me it is the most important thing right now.

Suddenly, I heard garage door opening and it could have only mean one thing. Residents of this house are back.

It happened so quickly, we were suddenly running through the whole yard with sneakers in our hands. When we got to the fence, Harry jumped over first and then helped me. I am sure we have left all the food there along with one of my socks.

We had run a few blocks and then got inside of Harry’s car. I tried to catch my breath a few times but Harry seemed totally ok with the marathon we have just taken part in.

“I left my sock there” I said in one breath and looked at Harry. He was resting his head against the wheel. His back started raising from the laughing. Then he looked at me and I joined him.

“Did they see us?” I asked him a little seriously.

“I don’t think so” he shook his head and then my eyes fell on him. I was breathless and I couldn’t have thought clearly but there was something about him. I fell it in my cheeks. They were itchy and all they wanted to do was smile.  Every inch of my body knew something that my mind didn’t. I couldn’t tell how I felt about it in that second. It was just not important to name it.

“I should take you home” He wrinkled his forehead and we hit the road. I stayed silent the whole ride until we pulled to my street.

“Thanks for saving my night” I added while grabbing for my bag. I smiled at him and he nodded with closed eyes.  I nodded too and got out of his warm car to chilly night.

Well. This was weird. The whole say goodbye thing.

When I got home I immediately went to the bathroom. I stripped from all the clothes and took cold shower. What was that. My fingers weren’t able to work shower cream to my skin so I just stood there and let water to give me some answers.

I covered myself with one of my old shirts because I couldn’t reach for blanket. It was 2:47 am when I set my alarm for 6. I had to study the next morning and I couldn’t afford the luxury of sleeping. 

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