On Purpose

Someone broke into someone´s garden just to swim in someone´s pool at midnight. That someone is Harry.


5. 5.

 Harry´s POV

I met her. I met her again. It was few days ago after I drove her home. She was walking home from somewhere. I recognised direction she was going so I assumed she was headed home. There is something about her. I don’t know what and that´s what I am crazy about.

“Hi” she smiled at me when I ran to her.

“You don’t seem surprised to see me” I automatically added.

“I saw you 10 minutes ago in the store” she pointed at the plastic bag in my hands.

“Oh. Ok.” I didn’t know what to say. I just went on walking with her.

“Today is cold, don’t you think?” She added after a while.

“A bit. Yeah” I replied hesitantly. I looked at her and she got this unspoken thing in her smile.

“Under what circumstances would you give me your phone number? I automatically spoke. She stayed quiet for a sec.

“Just tell me why you want it, that´s only circumstance.” Isn´t it obvious for God´s Sake.

“So you would have mine and call me anytime” I told her with a smirk and she laughed.

“Anytime?” She replied with a smile and I joined her.

“Yeah. On weekends too.” Then she just asked for my phone and typed her number in.


I could hear the blood in my veins traveling through one half of my body to another. The nigh time silence.

My eyes aren’t able to stay open but my mind is. I keep thinking about everything. Just shut up for a proper 8 hour sleep, please.

I was scrolling down my tumblr dashboard when my phone rang. It was late at Saturday night and my parents still haven’t got back from their visit. Anyway, I quickly ran to my phone that was charging on the other side of the room.

Midnight swimmer – display showed. I gulped loudly and picked it up.

“Yeah?” I gulped loudly and picked it up.

“Hey Alice” his voice was low almost like a whisper.

“I was wondering we could go grab something to eat” he added.

“It’s almost midnight. You mean late grocery shopping?” I joked.

“Any problem with that?” He got all serious. Jeez.

“No, no. I am in” I replied and briefly looked at my stained shirt. I need to change.

“Good. I am already outside your house.” I swore he was grinning.

“Give me 10 minutes.” I really need to change this shirt.

“10 minutes for what? Get your lazy ass out here in 5 or my offer goes off” He replied and I frankly laughed at his response.

“K. Just wait.” I hung up and quickly grabbed clean shirt from the stash on my bed.

I made sure I locked the house few times and then got to Harry’s car.

“Hey” Harry spoke up and then put the engine on. All the lights in the car went suddenly off and he gently drove through the street.

“You know, friendship doesn’t work like this.” I added and look at him.

“What you mean? I thought that calls in the middle of the night are part of friendships.” He took his eyes off the road and grinned at me.

“But you were rude at me.” I said back and made myself look hurt.

Harry’s POV:

For a second I didn’t know if she was serious. Was my comment on her lazy ass really rude? No. God no. She can’t be really offended by that.

“I was kidding, Harry” she suddenly leaned a bit closer to me. There was something about her saying my name like that.

“I know you were” I quickly replied and paid attention to the road.


“Anyway, where exactly are we going?” I changed the subject. He seemed a little off when I joked.

“Look at the back seat” He responded and pointed his right index finger at the back.

There were bread and some ham, and orange juice and four pack of blueberry muffins.

It took me few seconds to realise the obvious.

“So you knew I would say yes to you” I finally added.

“Kind of, yeah” Harry admitted and took turn to the left. The car stopped and I looked around. I really didn’t know where we were.

“I thought you would like to try how does it feel when you climb over someone’s fence” His eyes were serious. He wasn’t joking.

“Are you out of your mind?” I looked around and realised we are in pretty fancy neighbourhood.

“Don’t be a pussy. You will love it, I promise!” Harry was smiling from one ear to another. I don’t know if I ever saw him this joyful. We haven’t really spent time with each other though.

“They are not at home. Plus their garden is epic” He thought this was reassuring? Neighbours could easily call the police. That’s a great opportunity to shit my pants.

“Look, I am not doing this. You do realise this is the main reason why we can’t be friends? I am not doing things like this-“ I was quickly cut off.

“You think too much. You are the problem. Not me.” He stated and stepped out of the car. I was left alone in his stupid car with his stupid idea.

“Fine. But if anything happens, I’ll tell you kidnapped me and wanted to bury me in that garden.”

“Ok. Fine. Now help me with this stuff” Harry just smiled with one corner of his mouth and handed me bags. I really think too much that’s the only reason why I agreed on this.

We climbed over the fence and headed straight to the pool. The water was nicely warm and I just sat by to wet my tiptoes.

“So, you have no friends then?” I asked him when he joined me with sandwich in his hands. His mouth was full and when he made a face at me he look like 6 year old.

“I have friends” He took another bite.

“Then why am I here? Your girlfriend won’t be mad?” I teased him again.

“No-” He stated and put rest of the sandwich to my lap. He stood up and took off his shirt. “Because I don’t have one” - and then he jumped into the water.

“You could warn me, you know” I wiped off the water on my face from the splash.

“Want to get in? This water is just-“ he dived in and then swam to my feet.

“No, thanks. My boyfriend is a little jealous when it comes to swimming with strange men” I added seriously and splashed water on him.

“There is no boyfriend” Harry suddenly grabbed my feet.

“You really think I made him up?” I sounded offended. He tighten the grip like he was really going to pull me into water.

“OKAY, OKAY. I made him up.” I screamed and he quickly let me go.

“Are you scared of water?” He asked me sarcastically.  I really didn’t want to nod.

“No, I am not. I just don’t want to get wet” I replied and regret it straight away. He laughed loudly and I blushed. Fuck.

“That’s why nobody wants you” I told him and took bite of his sandwich.

“You really think I am single because nobody wants me? Oh Jeez, wake up Alice.”

“Well then, I am.” I added and finished the bite. I am totally fine with the truth. I am alone because nobody wants me. At first I thought he didn’t hear me but then he swam closer to me in total silence.

“Maybe you just haven’t found what you are looking for, that happens.” His words made raise my head from my lap.

“Truth is that I am not looking for anything. I am tired of looking. I decided that I want to be one who will be found.” I replied. His eyes were staring at me with pity or something “Don’t look at me that way” I stated loudly.

“What way” He sounded confused.

“That I am desperate.” Water was getting colder with every minute so I took out my legs out of it.

“Why are you always so bitter” Harry took the stairs out of the pool and grab shirt from the ground.

“You have written it in your face. Like flashing billboard by the road” He was suddenly sitting next to me. His wet arms were touching my elbows. I quickly moved a little away from him.

“What?” I quickly moved a little away from him.

“That no one is allowed to be near you.” His words hit me like thunderbolt.

“When you avoid everything, yeah you prevent yourself from being hurt but you also ruin chances to be happy.” He added and stood up.

“Muffin?” he suddenly asked me from behind.

“Thanks. What do you meant by having it written in my face?” I stood up too and followed him.

He looked at me and took a deep breath.


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