On Purpose

Someone broke into someone´s garden just to swim in someone´s pool at midnight. That someone is Harry.


3. 3.

My friends think that the best way how to say goodbye to the semester is to get drunk. I totally agree but if there´s still one exam undone then it ruins the whole thing. This place is crowded as always. My friend Grace is holding my hand while leading me through the crowd to the bar. Grace is sweet but sometimes so annoying. She studies law so you can imagine how pretentious she could sometimes be.

“This is the best turn off for my brain” Grace states as we reach the bar. She raises 2 fingers in the air and the bartender just nods. He must know her because she didn’t even say what shots she wants.

“Loose up your mind a little” She pokes me with her forefinger. I smile at her and then roll my eyes when she is not looking.

“Anyway, Poppy should be here in any minute” Grace adds and hands money to the bartender when he puts 2 shots of Vodka in front of us.

“Why are you so quiet, Al?” She asks me and I sigh heavily. Why? Because I would rather be at home than here.

“I am just not in the mood. That´s all.” I say and take a shot. Because I am not in the mood doesn’t mean I don’t want to get drunk. I am just not interested in talking.

“I am going to find the toilets, don´t disappear” I tell her and she nods with laughter.

Vodka hit my brain a while ago and I feel tipsy. Poppy and Grace are nowhere to be found and I am comfortably sitting at the bar and scrolling Instagram. I literally don’t pay any attention to the photos I am going through. When I put my phone away to take another shot, my eyes suddenly meet someone´s. I guess I know him but I just can´t remember the name. He stands on his feet to see properly through the crowd. Nevermind. I break the eye contact and continue doing nothing. 

“Poppy vomited few times, I think she has enough. We should go home.” Grace suddenly appears by my shoulder. I blink few times and nod. When I am about to stand up, Grace quickly sits me back.

“Someone is going over here” She says and pouts her lips. By her face expression I assume it´s someone who hasn’t already slept with her.

“Hi.” She smiles at him and I just finished the shot. I don’t look at her new catch until he speaks up.

“Hello.” The voice is hoarse but somehow playful. I think I know him. I turn myself to see him. It´s him, the one who was watching me.

“I am Grace and this is Alice” Grace introduces us even though I am screaming in my head not to.

“We know each other” The man states and I just shake my head. Of course they know each other. Grace screwed the whole city.

Grace looks surprised but the she giggles.

“Really? I don´t think I remember you-“ she says and I watch her embarrassing herself.

“No- I´ve meant Alice” he replies and I just give him my confused glare. Grace giggles again so I just speak up.

“You are the one who-“ I start but he cuts me off quickly.

“-Yes, I am” He adds and smiles at me. I remember him. Even though he is fully dressed I recognise his body shape. Jeez. What am I talking about? I don’t care about him at all. I stand up, take my jacket and tell Grace that I am ready to leave. They both look at me confusedly so I stop myself and wait for them to explain me what wrong. Grace is craving the introduction, I assume.

“Grace, this is Harry – Harry this is Grace. I´ll wait outside” I say and leave them two alone. I honestly hope Poppy is feeling better and we can leave in any minute.

Damn. Too many people outside. I lean against the closest wall and inhale heavily. Where the fuck is Grace. Ok. I will find Poppy and then I will figure out the rest. At first I dial her phone. I immediately hear it ringing somewhere around me. I observe group of people in the corner until I realise Poppy is being with them. 

“Poppy-“ I shout at her but she doesn’t look at me. I walk to her and grab her by her sleeve.

“Are you ok? Can we go now?” I ask her and she just laughs.

“I am not leaving, well not until it´s not with one of these lads” she tells me. She must be totally drunk right now.

“So we are going to this party-“ one of the group speaks up. He is tall that´s all I can tell.

“No party, Poppy” I say and then I realise I shouldn’t.

“No one is talking to you, love” someone from the group adds and that just raises my eyebrows. Ok then. I couldn’t care more.

“Just text me you´re fine when you get home” I tell her despite all the careless looks I am given. I walk away from them to the nearest wall I can lean against.

Suddenly it hits me. I don’t have my bag. SHIT! I don’t have my bag! I quickly run back inside the club and look around. I see the spot where I´ve been sitting minutes ago when that shithead appeared. However there was no bag. I look under the chair but nothing. Double shit. My phone, my purse was in there. Then it hit me again. The last time I remember having it was when I went to the toilet and Grace was holding my bag. She still has my bag. I immediately run outside again to find Poppy but she isn’t there anymore. I say fuck loudly as possible and close my eyes. This can´t get any worse.

I decided on walking home. I guess it´s a one hour walk but that was my only solution. I didn’t know anyone in that bar so. Anyway the air is nicely cold how I like it for a summer night.

“Hey” someone yells at me but I don’t look back. There was a bunch of drunks behind me since I last turn back and I am not interested in any talks they have in store for me.

Few minutes later I hear someone running to me. I quicken my walk and try to calm down.

“Alice, hey!” This time I turn around because I am a freak and I am looking for a danger in every situation possible. Shit.

It´s him. The one from our pool.

“Oh. Midnight swimmer” I mumble but continue walking.

“Don’t you need a ride home?” he says with a kind smile. I can see he means it nicely, but I just don’t trust him.

“No. Thanks.” I was hesitant about that last word but I said it anyway.

“Are you sure?” he asks again and this time I stop walking.

“Look, I don’t know you but maybe you are a nice guy with a weird fetish for breaking in to the  stranger´s pool. However I don’t want to owe you a favour for a ride home.”

He laughs at me but I can see the seriousness in his eyes.

“Common, my car is parked out there” he points at the other side of the road and I look there. I am considering the ride home. I don’t have to walk for more 50 minutes. Ok. I am in.

“You weren’t drinking?” I say when I look back at him.

“No. Don’t worry.” He adds but I worry anyway.

Meanwhile we get to his car and I observe it for a sec. This is a Range Rover. Why would someone break in to properties, when he drives car like this. Weird fetish is the only explanation.

“I don´t think you have a problem of where my house is, haven’t you” I add and fasten my seat belt on. I hear a loud giggle and then I don’t know why but I find myself falling asleep and there´s nothing I can do about it.

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