On Purpose

Someone broke into someone´s garden just to swim in someone´s pool at midnight. That someone is Harry.


2. 2.

Going back home from Uni is somehow calming but stressing at the same time. I have one more exam left but I will make it. I have to make it so the summer could start. But studying at home is better than in a flat. So much noise and no one ever do the dishes. Not even me because I know that these lazy bastards should see the consequences. And by consequences I mean almost mouldy pile of dishes in the sink.

Parents told me they are going to visit my Aunt Jane in Bath so they won´t be at home until I come back to Uni to do the exam. Well played.

I´ve been studying for 3 good hours now. My bed suddenly doesn’t seem so comfortable. I should switch the position and just sit for change.

Fuck! My back hurts. Great. I think I´ve used up all of my room. Maybe in kitchen my brain will take on everything my eyes have just read.

It´s dark already so I turn the light above the table on. Instead of opening the book I opened the fridge and made a sandwich. And drank some juice. Then got some yoghurt. Then an apple. I really should stop right now.

I have just 2 days until the exam. Brain, my beloved brain let me teach you something. Please.

I give up. Clock above me shows 23:47 and I am not able to continue till the midnight. Not like this. I should switch places again.

I decided on moving to the pool house. I spend time there when it sucks inside the house. Maybe this is my new –let´s study place.

I got suddenly carried away with the book. Finally! Information were slowly getting its place in my brain and I felt like winner.

All of sudden I heard something hitting the water with a mighty splash. Something or fell into water nor it was a clumsy burglar. My heart started racing but a hint of curiosity overcame my body. I stood up and went to see what´s going on. I took a shovel from the corner and opened the door.

Then the realisation hit me. So it was burglar after all.

I just stood there trying to estimate the situation.

It doesn’t look like this burglar fell into pool accidently. He wasn’t even dressed. I noticed the shirt lying on the grass. He was there… on purpose.


“THE FUCK?” I shouted when the man emerged from the water.

He looked at me scared as shit. But then the grin replaced the fear. He quickly left the pool and put the shirt on.

“WHAT THE FUCK-“ I said again with a little high tone. Shit. This is not how you try to sound dominant.

“You don´t have to scream-“ he added and shook his head to get the water from his hair.

“Excuse me? Are you listening to yourself? This is a felony” I replied now more calmly.

“Not until you tell someone” the man replied and my eyes got even wider. He looks my age so I guess calling him man is a little odd.

“Again. Are you listening to yourself? Anyway, what are you doing in my pool?” I asked him.

“First of all put the shovel down. I am not going to hurt you or anything” He put his hands in front of his chest and gestured me to get rid of the shovel. I´ve nodded and put it on the ground. Then I realised I am wearing a white tank top and no bra. I was feeling violated.

“Would you believe me if I told you I am not here to steal or hurt anyone but I just go here from time to time to enjoy the water?” He added and smiled at me. His smile doesn’t ease things up. He should know that. He is still the bad one.

“I wouldn´t.” I replied in one tone.

“God what is your problem?” he exhales and wipe few more drops off his forehead.

“My problem? Are you fucking sane? I´ve just seen someone swimming in the pool and I don´t know that someone. You can be killer or something. I don´t know!”

“Oh. I am Harry. If that´s what worries you. Now we know each other.” He smiled at me and I got even more furious.

“Please get out” I told him. More like begged him.

// Harry´s POV:

I am not so surprised someone coughed me. I am more surprised by whom. She was wearing only short pyjama pants and long white shirt. More like tank top. Yeah that´s what´s called. I could see the shame in her eyes when she realised she wasn’t wearing a bra. I guess she didn’t expected anyone.

She was just yelling at me and I got carried away with the shovel she was holding. I am not a fucking criminal.

“First of all put the shovel down. I am not going to hurt you or anything” I assured her and she obeyed. She wasn’t scared of me. She was just angry. I couldn’t stop smiling at her.

“Ok. I may overdo it. I am sorry” I told her and she just shook her head with a deep exhale.

“And?” She replied and waited for me to answer.

“And I won´t do it again?” I replied unsurely.

“Yes, you won´t do it again. And now get out” she smiled at me and I got to like her more. I pressed my lips together and decided to stay silent. Then I took my iPhone and keys from the ground, and waved at her.

“By get out I mean use the main gate and not jump off the wall” She added quietly. “I just take my keys-” She pointed at the pool house and I watched her leave. She is quite tall. Her hair is messily sticking out of ponytail, which is gathering just the top of her hair. Now I regret reading her diary though there wasn’t so much written.

She appeared holding the keys. I followed her to the main gate.

“If I see you here again, I am calling the police” She added and I laughed and nodded.


“I promise I won´t” he replied seriously. Then I noticed how his features softened. He won´t trick me though. He waved at me and I walked back to house. I definitely won´t continue studying.

“Hey! Lock the pool house.” He shouted and then I only heard his boots hitting the pavement until street got silent again.

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