We Meet Again

Harry and Tessa lost contact after she moved to New York - but now Harry is on tour with the boys and he unexpectedly runs into Tessa. What happens when they meet again? Will their love for each other be strong enough to forget everything that happened or will new obstacles appear?


8. 8. Another nightmare

Chapter 8 - Another nightmare

Tessa hadn’t been able to fall asleep. She was lying in Harry’s bed and listening to his silent snoring. The pillow smelled like him and her entire body ached for his touch. At least she was in the same room as him, but suddenly that didn’t feel like enough. Louis hadn’t come back yet but Tessa didn’t know if that meant the guys were still out or that he had just crashed in one of his bandmate’s hotel rooms. Right now Tessa was hoping for the ladder since she didn’t feel like explaining why she was still here. She turned around so she now could see Harry from her position. He was lying on his back and Tessa watched how his stomach rose slightly everything he took a breath in. In his sleep he looked so free of any worries - and Tessa enjoyed seeing him this stress-free. Normally he would have a deep furrow on forehead caused by all his concerns.

Just as Tessa’s eyelids began to shot Harry started to stir. „Don’t. Please don’t!” He yelled. Tessa immediately got out of bed and bowled down next to the couch. She gently placed her hand on his arm. „Harry,” she said softly. „Don’t leave. Please don’t leave me,” he continued and tried to wriggled free from her touch. „Harry wake up, it’s just a dream. Wake up,” Tessa shook him harder. „Tess please just don’t leave me, please!” He spoke in his dreams. He was dreaming about her, about her leaving him. „Harry wake up, I’m right here. I’m not going anywhere,” he still didn’t react and Tessa didn’t know what to do. She knew it could be dangerous to awaken someone who sleepwalks but what about talking in your sleep? Harry’s whining made her desperate she couldn’t bear to listen to him this upset and then she did the only thing she knew always distracted him. 

As Tessa gently brushed Harry’s lips with her own he stopped tossing and turning. She kept her lips on his, a simple and soft peck - and just as she was about to pull back she felt him react to her touch. His lips moved against hers and as she stopped the kiss with one final peck she opened her eyes to a Harry, who was now more or less awake. „What happened?” He slurred - still not completely awake. „Well you were having a nightmare again and I couldn’t wake you up, so I just thought… I don’t know, but kissing you was the first thing that came to mind as a solution,” Tessa explained and sat down on the couch as Harry scooted over.

„Oh. Well you should definitely pass that tip on to Louis, this was more enjoyable than the usual way,” Harry said teasingly. „The usual way? I thought your nightmares had stopped?” Tessa asked confused. „Well yeah, when I was with you. But when you’re not here they tend to come back rapidly”. „Oh. Well I don’t get it - I mean I was here tonight?” Tessa fiddled with her hair and awaited his answer. „Yeah, but you weren’t really. I mean, you weren’t in my arms - so I guess it just didn’t feel right,” Harry explained honestly. „Oh,” Tessa was lost for words. „Would it be alright if I took my shirt of? It’s kind of hot in here,” Harry asked for her permission in fear of scaring her off otherwise. „Sure,” she said and caught herself stealing glances of his bare chest. He had been working out, and suddenly Tessa thought it became even hotter in the hotel room.

„So erm, what way do Louis wake you up then?” She asked to distract herself. „Actually he throws water at me - and sometimes that doesn’t even work so he gets some of guys to help. One time I even woke up because they were carrying me around outside - and it was raining. They even called Paul to make sure there weren’t any fans and escort us around,” Harry chuckled at the thought. These boys always had his back, no matter what. „For some reason that doesn’t surprise me at all,” Tessa giggled at the thought of the boys running around with Harry in the rain. They were crazy as hell.

„I’m sorry if I woke you,” Harry apologized. „Don’t worry about it, I wasn’t even sleeping,” Tessa shrugged it off. „Oh, well then sorry about practically forcing you to stay and making it impossible for you to sleep. And god why haven’t I thought about giving you some different clothes? Those jeans can’t possibly be comfortable. Do you want to borrow a shirt?” he asked and got up from the couch - only in his black Calvin Klein boxers. „I wouldn’t have stayed if I didn’t want to, but yeah a shirt would actually be nice. Can I just wear this one?” Tessa asked and held up the t-shirt Harry had been wearing for less than ten minutes ago. „Yeah sure,” he simply answered and walked away from his closet.

„Do you want to watch some TV?” Harry asked and motioned towards the television in front of the couch. „Yeah, why not? Is anything good even on this time of night?” Tessa asked as she walked towards the bathroom to change into Harry’s shirt.  She kept the door opened since Harry was already sitting on the couch totally occupied by finding something good to watch. „Hm, not really - but there’s tons of different CSI series - should we just watch one of those?” „Sure why not,” Tessa slipped under the blanket next to Harry and as she leaned back she let herself enjoy this simply moment. „You know that you can just go and sleep in your own bed if you want to,” Tessa said and meet Harry’s eyes. His lips tugged upwards. „Yeah I know, but I would rather sit here with you. Besides you’re the guest so you’ve got the bed,” he explained and Tessa obviously protested. „Stop disagreeing with me and just… Hey is that my necklace?” Harry asked and motioned towards the chain hanging around her neck. „Oh yeah, well you kind of gave it to me,” she reminded him. „I know I just didn’t think you would be wearing it still,” Harry said and observed as her facial expression fell. „Well I haven’t really taken it off,” she explained and nervously grabbed the paper airplane around her neck. Harry had a smug smile on his face as he turned his focus back on the CSI episode. 

Author's note

Hey everybody! I hope you all enjoyed th shapter! Just wanted to tell yoy guys that I'm going on a holiday tomorrow and won't be back for a week - so I sadly won't be able to update but I will as soon as possible! X

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