We Meet Again

Harry and Tessa lost contact after she moved to New York - but now Harry is on tour with the boys and he unexpectedly runs into Tessa. What happens when they meet again? Will their love for each other be strong enough to forget everything that happened or will new obstacles appear?


5. 5. Your place or mine?

Chapter 5 - Your place or mine?

„I’m not going anywhere with you Harry,” Tessa stated trying to sound nonchalant but failed miserably. Ouch. „Please, just give me a chance to explain,” Harry continued trying; he wasn’t going to lose her, not again. „Give me one good reason to say goodbye to all of my friends who I haven’t seen in forever, just to listen to some crappy excuse about why the fuck you didn’t even bother to try with me,” Tessa demanded and her eyes turned colder. „Just one?” He asked hopefully already knowing what he was going to say. „Yes one, but it better be a damn good one”. „IcalledmanagementandI’moutofthedealwithKendall,” Harry said so fast Tessa didn’t even pick up on the words. „What?” She asked confused. „I called management and I’m out of the deal with Kendall,” he said, this time much slower. Tessa didn’t even take time to think the consequences of her next sentence through: „Let me just tell the guys that I’m leaving”.


As Tessa reached the table where their entire group were gathered she cleared her throat. „I just wanted to say goodbye to everyone - I’d better go home I have to get up to work tomorrow,” she explained. „But I’ll see all of you soon right, Selena and Justin we’re still on for next week right?” Selena nodded while Justin kissed both of her cheeks. „We’re still up for lunch tomorrow, right?” Alex asked loud enough for both Harry and the others to hear, which obviously was his intention. „Of course Alex, and guys I’ll hopefully see you before you first show here in New York,” she finished as she gave every single one of them a hug. Alex tightened his grip around her and held her for an extra second. „Why are you wearing his blazer?” He asked. Tessa had already forgotten all about it, it just felt so naturally and smelled so at home. „It’s was cold outside,” she simply stated and let go of her friend. Harry then laid his hand on her back and kept his eyes on Alex. „And I’m going back to the hotel, it’s been a long day - but it was lovely to meet everyone,” he said and sent almost everyone a genuine smile. Almost.

As they left their friends behind everyone stayed quite until Niall spoke up a couple of minutes later. „Oh my god!” „What’s wrong Niall?” Liam asked confused. „Did Harry and Tessa just leave together - as went home together and tried to cover it up?” „God your slow Niall,” Louis chuckled. Justin and Selena were occupied with their own conversation. „How can you guys be sure of that?” Alex asked. He had figured something like that would probably happen, since she was wearing his blazer - but how could they be so sure? She did have work and he had had a long day, so couldn’t they just be splitting a cab or something? „Well because it’s Tessa and Harry,” Zayn said as if that would explain everything. „What do you mean?” „No matter if they’re together or not, they kind of always end up together - it’s as if some magnetic force is pulling them towards each other or something,” Louis clarified dramatically.   „Really? And that’s always what happens?” Alex asked, just to make sure of it - perhaps he really didn’t have a chance and then he would have to settle for friendship with her. But friendship was better than nothing at all. „Yeah, sorry lad,” Niall said as he finally figured out what was going on in that mind of his.


„So your place or mine?” Harry asked trying to ease the tension between them. „Could we just stay somewhere public?” Tessa asked. She didn’t trust herself with him alone. „Public is probably not the best idea when your with me, remember?” Harry asked and gazed out of the window. The New York streets were still busy even though it was in the middle of the night. „Sorry forgot about the paps. Your place then,” Tessa said and zoned out as Harry gave the address of his hotel to the driver. At least she would always be able to leave if she went to the hotel - that would be a lot easier than to throw him out of her place.

„We’re here Tess,” Harry said. Tessa yawned, she had almost fallen asleep on the cab drive there. Before she had time to unbuckle her belt Harry had already opened the door for her. He helped her out of the car and paid the driver, despite her complaints. „You don’t need to pay for me,” Tessa argued. „Just let it go this once Tessa, we have more important things to talk about,” he said and this made her shut her mouth. Their time in the elevator was more awkward and somehow this reminded Tessa about the time she found out about Kendall when she was living at The Four Seasons in London. „Why does everything always have to be so complicated with the two of us?” She asked without even realising she said it out loud. „I don’t know Tess, I don’t know,” Harry replied as he opened the door to his and, probably, Louis’ hotel room and closed it behind them as well. „So, what did you want to tell me?”

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