We Meet Again

Harry and Tessa lost contact after she moved to New York - but now Harry is on tour with the boys and he unexpectedly runs into Tessa. What happens when they meet again? Will their love for each other be strong enough to forget everything that happened or will new obstacles appear?


4. 4. Just talk to me

Chapter 4 - Just talk to me

„I wouldn’t drink that if I was you friend,” Louis stated as Harry brought yet another shot to his lips. Liam had left to go to the bathroom and the curly-haired lad was now standing alone in the bar - that was until Louis had shown up. „Why the fuck not? It doesn’t matter. Nothing matters anymore,” Harry responded cynical. „Haz, it breaks me to see you like this. Just talk to her - talk through your problems and figure everything out with Modest and Kendall, then it’ll all be fine,” Louis explained his best friend. „First of all, I already talked to management and the deal is done. But drop the ‘it’ll all be fine’ shit - haven’t you noticed? She’s here with fucking Alex Pettyfer. And god they look like they’re having a blast on their little double date,” Harry spat and turned around to watch their table at the VIP area. Everybody was having a fucking blast tonight, everybody but him.

„I even considered telling her that Kendall and I are for real, just to see if I get some kind of reaction from her, you know. If she even still cares. God my pathetic”. „Oh, trust me she still cares - but both of you are just too big pussies to actually say: ‘Hey, here’s my heart, I hope you don’t break it…’ All because you’ve been hurt before. But you forget how much you rely on each other,” Louis said and Harry angrily interrupted him: „Why would I say that when she with him?” „Because if she was really with him - then why the hell would she be telling him that she’s still not over you! You’re so fucking oblivious Harry. Remember you already told me everything she wasn’t ready so you just pulled back. The deal with Modest is off - and now you’re the only thing that’s  stopping yourself from being with her. If you want her… If you truly love her… Then you better make sure she knows, cause right now I’m pretty sure she thinks you over it,” Louis tried to knock some sense into that thick skull and all those curls of Harry’s. „I don’t know what to fucking do Louis,” Harry exclaimed. He couldn’t possibly believe that Tessa was still in love with him. „Well then let’s go get some air it’ll clear your head a bit”.


„Wauw it all sounds so amazayn, haha get it?” Tessa laughed at her own joked while Zayn just laughed at her silliness. „Yeah, it’s been really good. Now we have some days off and then Perrie, and I think Gemma as well, will come join us here in New York. But how have you been doing?” Zayn asked curious and took another drag of his cigarette. „Well I’m okay… New York is lovely and everyone is so nice. Vogue is of course amazing, but I really miss you guys,” she said and once again was pulled in a warm hug. „We miss you too, all of us. But since when are you and that Alex guy dating?” He then finally asked her. „We’re not,” Tessa simply replied. „But weren’t you on a date tonight? What about Harry?” „First of all Harry doesn’t even respond to my texts anymore and secondly it wasn’t a date - we’re friends who just happened to eat dinner together before meeting up with other friends,” Tessa explained. Zayn nodded before throwing his smoke on the ground.

„Listen to me Harry… Oh sorry we didn’t know you guys were out here, sorry if we’re interrupting anything,” Louis said as Harry and him almost walked into Zayn and Tessa. „Don’t worry about it mate, I just needed a smoke and Tessa needed some air,” Zayn replied smiling. „Well Harry needed some air as well but I’m fucking freezing my fabulous butt of - so how about they get some air together, then we can go get another beer,” Louis suggested and if eyes could kill he would have died. Twice. „Good idea, I could really need a beer and I have to talk to Niall about some, erm, stuff - if that’s possible with Justin Bieber in the room,” Zayn tried to joke as Louis and him left Harry and Tessa alone outside the club.

„So how’s everything?” Harry asked carefully as he wasn’t quite sure what kind of reaction he would get. What if Louis had heard wrong? The music was really loud and he wasn’t completely sober, so perhaps he had just imagined Tessa saying those things. And Tessa’s cold response backed that idea up. „Fine”. „Good, how have you been?” Harry asked trying to get something out of her. „Everything has been fine Harry,” she simply stated and tried to keep her façade up. „That’s good, anything new in your life?” He asked. „Are you fucking kidding me right now?” Her teeth were chattering from the cold night air. He offered her his blazer which she quickly declined until he almost forced it on her. There was no way she was getting sick. „Just talk to me,” he begged. „About what Harry? What the fuck could you possible want to know?” „Well everything, what have you been doing, how are you feeling?” He asked desperate.

„If you hadn’t stopped answering my texts or calls, then you could have just asked instead of just showing up in the middle of New York without even telling me you would be here,” Tessa spat. „Zayn was going to, but then you were out with that fucking douche,” Harry defended himself. „That fucking douche has been there for me while I needed someone, when you weren’t there,” Tessa explained. This statement hurt Harry. He knew he had handled everything wrong but he wanted to make it right again. „Can we get out of here? I really just need to explain some things for you!” Harry tried and he noticed the uncertainty in Tessa’s eyes, perhaps he would actually get another chance.

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